Tamgaci, Malatya Passenger's Percent 60'i MOTAŞ is carrying

Tamgacı carries the 60 of the Malatya Passenger on its XNUMX. The trainers who are regularly trained in various subjects are given seminars by the experienced trainers to the employees of MOTAŞ.

The subject of unda Customer Requests and Complaints ş was held at the seminar organized by MOTAŞ, Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Conference Hall. The seminar was given by a private security specialist in two shifts.

Prioritizing customer satisfaction, MOTAŞ discussed customer demands and complaints in training programs to disseminate the Quality Management System to all areas of the organization in order to maximize customer satisfaction. Arriving channels of the complaints received by the institution were categorized and the complaints were responded to the complaint and the respondents were asked to provide correct and appropriate answers.

Tamgacı: atya The 60 of Malatya Passenger is carrying MOTAŞ Tam
Company Hanry Ford asks people before setting up Ford Motor Company at 1903, kur said MOTAS General Manager Anwar Sadat Tamgaci, who evaluated the program where all of the employees of MOTAŞ was involved. People answer, "we want horses running faster." Hanry Ford's success lies in the understanding that people understand this approach as ry we want to get from one place to the next faster İnsanlar. There have been demands from people who are instrumental in building the world-renowned automobile factory.

While making decisions about our institution, we put customer demands and complaints on the table as an important agenda item. These demands will significantly affect our decisions. So every complaint submitted, every request is valuable to us.

Today, the demands and expectations of our customers are constantly changing, the trust and satisfaction of our people continues to increase day by day. Where do we understand that? Of course, we understand that we have a large share in the public transport of Malatya. For example, while the share of other municipalities in public transport is at% 30, MOTAŞ has a share of% 60 in Malatya. Again, if we could respond to all the demands, I think we would have watched so much. We can respond to the demands of the routes, routes and buses. Otherwise, our people's favor to us is high.

We have reached this great success with the analyzes we have made based on customer experiences and the confidence we have created. We will continue our way with our differentiation strategies and customer oriented approach. Our goal is to maximize customer satisfaction, ım he said.

Every complaint that is analyzed correctly and answered on time and in a timely manner, and every request received is the trust of the institution. kazanEvery complaint and customer demands that are not ignored in the statement that will increase the momentum to the business. kazanIt was also emphasized that it will expand the horizons and direct the studies.

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