State monopoly on railway leaves

The state monopoly on the railroad is abolished: Decent decisions came out of the 'Improvement of the Investment Environment' meeting. The decision to liberalize the long-awaited railways will be made, and the company's liquidation will be easier to delete from the register.

Decisions that will accelerate the investments and make the business world smile were made at the 'Improving the Investment Environment Coordination Board' meeting held in Ilgaz.

Deputy Prime Minister Lütfü Elvan announced that they have opened the decision to liberalize the railways that the business world has been demanding for a long time at the High Planning Council. In the new period, the private sector will carry both passenger and cargo transportation. After making certain payments to the infrastructure, it will be able to use state railways.


In addition, the liquidation of the company is easier to delete from the register. The provision of land is facilitated, mediation becomes compulsory and interest-free credit mechanism is expanded.

Stating that they will present the package to the Assembly for the improvement of the investment environment, Deputy Prime Minister Elvan explained the details of the package to SABAH:

THE MECHANISMS BETWEEN INTERACTIVE: Costs are decreasing in establishing a company. We're deactivating the mechanisms. There will be changes in company types such as limited, joint stock. Closing announcements will be easier.

APPLICATION UNION IN CUSTOMS: We will provide unity in customs. We intend to give the Ministry of Customs the authority to delete ex officio from the registry during the liquidation of companies.

SETTING STAMP TAX: Stamp tax has duplicates. Removal will also be avoided at multiple locations. Opening the office will be easier. Citizens' transactions will also be easier. All kinds of licensing procedures will be simplified.

MEDIATION WILL BE MANDATORY: There are tens of thousands of files, especially severance pay. There is a heavy workload in labor courts. Mediation will be mandatory to finalize a certain amount before going to court.

INSURANCE AGENCIES WILL RELEASE: Insurance agencies are getting permission from the Treasury and the municipality in the current practice. Insurance rules are simplified. Work licenses and problems related to opening a business will be solved. Repeated applications will be finished.


INTEREST-FREE CREDIT IS PREPARING: Government subsidies are being reorganized. In order to pave the way for investors in the new period, interest-free credit support is becoming widespread.

ESNAFA 30 THOUSAND LIRA CREDIT: 1.5 billion lira resource was allocated to the tradesmen for interest-free loans. The amount currently used is 700 million liras. There is a limit of 800 million lira. Once they are completed, they can be re-evaluated. Our 24 thousand tradesmen benefited. We will also work for use in the East and Southeast. If it is above the request, it may be possible to allocate additional resources.


The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Directorate of 2016 about 38 percent of Year Investment Program grant will be spent on high-speed and high-speed train project.

This year, the ongoing high-speed and high-speed train projects will be realized approximately 2 billion pounds.

According to the calculations made by the 2016 Investment Program, a total investment of 5.3 billion lira is envisaged this year for the railway transportation of 4 billion lira to TCDD, and 9.3 billion lira to other railway projects to be carried out by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications.


Among these projects, the highest allowance was allocated for Ankara-İzmir High Speed ​​Train (YHT) line. Ankara-Izmir High Speed ​​Train line is expected to invest 633 million pounds.



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