Samsun Sivas Between Thick Railway and Samsun Sivas Will Fall to 5 Hours

samsun kalin railway works
samsun kalin railway works

📩 09/04/2023 18:28

Samsun Sivas Thick Railway and Samsun-Sivas Between 5 Clock Will Fall: Samsun Sivas Thick Railway between Samsun-Sivas will drop 5 hours. AK Party Samsun deputy Hasan Basri Kurt, Samsun Thick Railway line that the work continues at full speed.

AK Party Samsun Deputies Hasan Basri Kurt, Ahmet Demircan, Orhan Kırcalı and Fuat Köktaş, General Director of State Railways İsa ApaydınI visited in his office.

After the meeting on the project of Modernization of the Samsun-Kalın Railway Line, Deputy Kurt continues its activities in the “Samsun-Kalın Railway Line. Ile


Kurt stated in his statement that the project of Modernization of Samsun-Sivas Railway Line is the largest amount of project realized outside EU borders with EU grants. In addition to the 220 million-euro EU grant for the modernization of the line, the 39 million-euro domestic resource was allocated for the project.

Within the scope of the Transport Operational Program, the Contract for the Modernization of Samsun-Sivas Railway Line Project has been signed on the date of 12.06.2015 within the scope of IPA I Transportation Transportation Program and the Implementation Period is 30 month. The General Amount of the Project is 258.799.875,57 Euro, and on the project's 11.12.2017
will be completed.

Underlining the belief that the cooperation with the EU will continue in the IPA 2014 period covering the years 2020-2 and the success of the Transport Operational Program will increase further, our deputy Kurt, the railway line to be modernized, is the first railway contractor of the Republic by Nuri Demirağ. was put into service in 1932.

Un The passenger platforms of the total 15 station will be renewed according to the EU standards. He added that the total number of drillings planned is 743. Son The number of drilling holes 603 is now ending 140. Hopefully, the work on this issue will be completed as soon as possible. En


Kurt stated that he was proud of the Pre-Accession Assistance Fund for the modernization of the railways under the Sivas Transportation Operational Program hay. 40 will be reduced to hours. The daily capacity of the line will be increased from 80 train to 9,5 train, while level crossings will be made automatic barrier, while at the stations and stops will be improved to EU standards in accordance with the disabled access of the platforms. Kapas

Upon completion of the project 2018 95 million / passenger miles of passenger traffic available in 168 2018 million / km per kilometer, while 657 million tons of cargo traffic in 867 million km-km from km XNUMX. Underlining that the deputy Kurt, finished his speech as follows:

”I believe that this project, which will increase the use of railway in freight and passenger transportation, will be accomplished in a timely manner by working devotedly.“

Samsun Sivas Railway Map

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