Prequalification Evaluation for Rail Systems

Prequalification Evaluation for Rail Systems: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Gebze-Darica Light Rail System (HRS) and Izmit Tramway Extension Lines Preparation of Final Design Projects Engineering Services consultancy service pre-assessment was made.

7 companies participated in the evaluation. Firms that are accepted prequalified will be shortlisted according to the criteria specified in the prequalification specification, and will be invited to bid within two months.

The preliminary qualification will cover the preliminary and practical final projects of the 62-kilometer Gebze-Darıca Light Rail System and 12-km Izmit Tram Extension lines, consisting of 8 work items, and the preparation of tender documents for the construction work.

The companies participating in the prequalification assessment are: Su Yapı, Yuksel Proje, Geodata Engıneınıng SPA, Ove Arup Partners International Ltd + Arup Mühendislik, Sintagma SRL, Tecnimont Civil Construction SPA, Proyapı Engineering.



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