Osman Gazi Bridge Flies Prices in the Region

Osman Gazi Bridge Blows Prices in the Region: Osman Gazi Bridge, which was established in Dilovası district of Kocaeli and passed the Gulf of Izmit, also increased the value of the region. New investments are also planned with the project.

Kocaeli's Dilovası district will have a completely different face thanks to Osman Gazi Bridge, which is the fourth suspension bridge in the world with the largest central span.


Izmit-Gulf crossing bridge, which constitutes the biggest leg of the Istanbul-Bursa-Izmir Highway Project, which President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced as the “Osman Gazi Bridge” after placing his final deck, is between 9 and 3,5 hours of transportation time between Istanbul and Izmir. to download. Museums, shopping areas, cafeterias, social facilities will be built in Dilovası where the bridge passes, and many international competitions will be held in the district.

In his statement, Dilovası District Governor Hulusi Şahin said that thanks to the project, a necklace was attached to the Gulf of Izmit and the illuminated bridge had a different beauty in the evening.

Sahin said that the sunset from the regions seeing the bridge is spectacular, said that they will organize international photo contests in the future.


Sahin, these projects not only in Turkey, one of the world's major investments that attract attention, said:

“The shopping malls to be established by the company that carries out the build-operate-transfer model will provide all kinds of services for vehicle traffic passing by. One of them is being established in Diliskelesi Mahallesi. This place will not only work in a logic of shopping. For example, they plan to build a museum, to produce social facilities and reinforcement areas. We will use them most as the district of Dilovası. We will organize festivals as events. It will contribute a lot to our social infrastructure. They will explain the adventure of the bridge in the museum with photos. There will be other things in the museum. There is a bridge from the mall. We do not consider that such a bridge overlooking a shopping mall in Turkey. "

Sahin, the D-100 highway traffic in the bridge will reduce the intensity, it will have a positive impact on the daily life of the Dilovas told.


Expressing that the prices of land and housing have increased in the regions that see the bridge, Şahin said, “There is almost no dwelling in Dilovası that does not see the bridge. There was a price increase. People are now sitting in their houses with bridge views. We will see the pros of this. But first of all, we are sensitive about healthy urbanization and healthy housing production. We watch excitedly bridge work. For us, this was like a live broadcast. The bridge had been on the sea since I started to work. As if you put lego, the towers first rose. Then came steel ropes like a belt. The bridge reached its current silhouette in a very short time. "


Abdulhamit Segman, who lives in Diliskelesi District, expressed his gratitude to those who realized such a historical project.

Emphasizing that the bridge will contribute greatly to the people and economy of the region, Segman said, “Who can say what is this bridge? Is there any need to explain this? This is a work, it is history. You used to go to Yalova in an hour, now you are in Yalova in a few minutes. Could there be anything better than this? Until 6-7 years ago, no one was buying land for 5-6 thousand lira, now it is 100 thousand lira. If the bridge was not built, this region would have been the same for another 20 years. ” said.

Noting that every day, someone came to look at the bridge and photographs were taken, Segman said, “After the work is over, the people here will create a picnic area. Already Kocaeli Metropolitan Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu has promised to make us a viewing hill. ” he spoke.


Watching the view of the bridge from his house, Bekir Özcan stated that he moved to Kocaeli 30 years ago from Kars and said, “My brother lives in Bursa. We will go to Bursa in 4-5 hours, thanks to the bridge, we will go in 1 hour, how nice. The plots were valued. Thanks to this project, our district will develop. ”

Özcan told President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to send this project to Turkey. kazanthanked him for hanging up.

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