New arrangement in Batıkent metro line

New arrangement in the Batikent metro line: Due to the connection work between the Kecioren subway and the Batikent subway line, a new arrangement was introduced on the Batikent subway line, which will be implemented as of April 16.

Due to the connection works of the ongoing Keçiören subway and the Batıkent subway, a new arrangement was made in the Batıkent metro line.

According to the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, the new arrangement 16 will be implemented as of April 2 month.

According to the new regulation, passengers taking the metro from Sincan and Batıkent will get off at the Akköprü station and will be moved to the next AKM station by free buses.

Passengers can then travel to the Red Sea and Koru stations for free if they wish.

The new edit will be applied in bidirectional.

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