New Regulation for Tram and Stations in Gaziantep

New Arrangement for Tramways and Stops in Gaziantep: The following information was included in the statement, which indicated that the station extension work of the Gar-Mavikent line up to Gaziantep University (GAÜN) has been completed.

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality will connect two tramways by extending tram stops.

Metropolitan Municipality, which works to minimize the traffic shortages from the most important problems in the city, decided to combine two tramways to reduce the passenger density at the tram stops.

“Due to the Karataş Bridge Interchange works, the stop extension works between the 2nd Stage GAÜN and Mavikent, which were closed to the tramway operation, started on February 15, 2016. Tender preparations for the stop extension work between 06st Stage GAR-GAUN have been started and the works will be started on June 2016, 1 with the holidays of the schools. It is planned to be completed in three months. ”

20 PT8 trolley, which is currently operating in the facility, is suitable for dual (dubbed) operation, and it is also reported that the modification of the TFS 12 tramway continues.

In the statement stated that 4 of the vehicles whose modifications have been completed are put into operation, “Other trams will be given to the operation as the modification is completed. However, since these modified TFS vehicles are not suitable for dual work, these vehicles will be operated singly on the line of Ibrahimli. All these procedures will be completed until September 15, 2016, which is the opening date of the schools ”.

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