Metrobus adventure does not fit into the encyclopedia

The adventure of Metrobus does not fit into the encyclopedia: The journey of Metrobus begins with the struggle to get on the metrobus. From the crowd to harassment, from the bad smell to the fear of bombs, every Istanbulite's ride for the metrobus is a must-see.

Metrobuses operating between Söğütlüçeşme and Beylikdüzü are one of the most important public transportation vehicles in Istanbul. The metrobus, which transports approximately 800 thousand people from one end of Istanbul to the other every day, is busy every hour of the day. Especially during commute and return hours, getting on the metrobus is a separate problem, and traveling is a separate problem. The metrobus, which saved the Istanbulites from the traffic ordeal, has become an unsolvable problem for the city dweller. Sohbet Some of our metrobus passengers complain about waiting too long to get on the metrobus, some of them disrespectful behavior, some of them bad smell. The number of those who are disturbed by the harassment incidents cannot be underestimated. All complaints to the recent terrorist attacks in Turkey in the attached condition.

15 hours per week on the metrobus

Söğütlüçeşme- Beylikdüzü line is 52 kilometers long. The trip to the 44 stops takes minutes to 100. Metrobus journey begins with 'getting on' the metrobus. Defne Korkmaz, who we talked while on the go, says: orum I use metrobus every weekday morning and evening to go to my job in Mecidiyeköy from Beylikdüzü. I'm waiting half an hour for an empty metrobus not to go conjoined to people. 3 per day, 15 per week, the metrobus. After the bomb attack in Taksim, it was always talked to attack the metrobus. Avcılar metrobus stop bomb explosion recently. Everyone is looked at each other with suspicion. '' Naciye Eryilmaz olduğunda When I need to take the metrobus. Metrobus is wearing human '' he says.

I was harassed

Mecidiyeköy metrobus stop, we talked while waiting, the name of Ö.K., who does not want to be written harassment ... Metrobus is a busy day, I felt that a leg search came from a crowd thought. When I turned around, I made eye contact with the man and realized that I was being harassed. In such cases, the gaze is turned to the woman who reacts. While you are right, you fall into an unfair situation ”. Eka Jikuri is a Georgian. Jikuri said, “I often come to Istanbul. I avoid getting on the metrobus morning and evening. I have not seen such a crowded public transportation in my own country, '' he says. We pass from Europe to the Anatolian side with Ayten Bulan. Bulan, the status of the BRT saygı Respects the BRT is not in circulation. Last week CevizliI was pushed by a man trying to get to the metrobus from Bağ and fell. I found myself on the floor instead of the Metrobus. I don't think that much rudeness. There should be a solution to this work, '' he says in words.

Metrobus notes from social media

As an Istanbul native, 2 I've been in Ankara every day, every time I get into Ankaray, I come across a form of disrespect that is not unique to Istanbul. n The girl who cannot move, stuck to the door: driver, is it possible to not open the front door if no one is coming down? Laz driver: No, why not? Girl: But if you open it, I'm stuck, nobody can ride in this state. Laz driver: What if someone outside swears at me?

The smell of salt and sweat is dominant in the meantime, you can also feel the smell of feet and cheese under this disgusting bunch of fragrant fragrance that you can smell a beautiful fragrance.

Accident on the BRT: Four injured

ZİNCİRLİKUYU-Beylikdüzü metrobus driver yesterday at the time of 17.20 ranks Okmeydanı'ndan Halıcıoğlu cruising, 1 people jumped on the road suddenly metrobus. Metrobus driver braking to avoid hitting the pedestrian. However, despite all the efforts of the driver, the metrobus hit the pedestrian, causing slight injuries. Sudden braking due to the passengers fell to the ground in the metrobus. In the accident, metrobus hit by a pedestrian in the car was slightly injured 3 passengers.

Sour writer who died of smell

I took the BRT. Zeytinburnu smiling with the dream of the crowd next to me approached me. At that moment, the BRT made a sudden brake and the man raised his arm and held onto the iron. The odor particles from the man killed me. They buried my body, but my soul is still commuting from Söğütlüçeşme to Edirnekapı.

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