Marmarasi fault Flights 1 hour disruption (Video)

Malfunction in Marmaray Flights were delayed for 1 hour: There was a breakdown at 07.00:1 in the morning in Marmaray, which connects the European and Anatolian sides of Istanbul. The flights could not be made for XNUMX hour.

At the time of the morning 06.00'ta Marmaray'da began to service at the clock 07.00 rows of faults occurred. After the malfunction, all stations were evacuated by announcements.

In the announcements, it was stated that the flights were stopped due to a technical failure. Citizens going to work in the morning had a hard time due to breakdown. Many citizens who learned that Marmaray is closed, other means of transportation to reach the job tried to catch up. It took about an hour to correct the fault. Marmaray flights returned to normal by the hour 08.00.



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