Marmaray Breathed


Marmaray took the breath: Marmaray, which was opened by President Erdoğan at 2013, gave 1 million hours to 50 per year.

Turkey's Marmaray mega-projects, was an example to the whole world as well as features. The Justice and Development Party (AK Party) headed the Marmaray and its contributions. The 76.3 billion dollar project, whose total length is 13.6 km, and the length of the railway throat tube is 5.5, was saved from time, space and expense. 425 was prevented from mixing one thousand tons of toxic gas into the atmosphere.


According to other means of transportation, the 1 50 million times a year saves Istanbul time. The additional suburban lines of 75 will be able to carry a total of 1.2 million passengers per day in one direction. Marmaray provides 140 turnstile, 12 elevator, 67 escalator and 215 camera.

Periodic examination

The Marmaray line is regularly inspected every day. Every month, ultrasonic examinations of the rails are performed with highly sensitive machines.

Great contribution to the atmosphere

Marmaray, 425 thousand tons of toxic gas into the atmosphere per year prevented mixing. Another feature of the Mega project is that all of its stations have been constructed in accordance with international standards for disabled access. The vehicles used in Marmaray 5 waggle series 248 sitting, one thousand 389 standing, including the capacity of the thousand 637 reached reached.

300 vehicle production in Turkey

With the 5 station opened for service in Marmaray, Gebze-Halkalı 76.3 station in 42 station between 105 and 440 minutes. 300 XNUMX rail vehicle units were produced in Turkey.



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