Children of Malatya Made City Tour by Trambus

Children from Malatya Made a City Tour by Trambus: MOTAŞ, which made the event they organized for the first time traditional last year, decorated one of the trabuses and gave the children a city tour.

Students and parents participated in the city tour with an intense participation. Taking the students and parents who accumulated at each stop on the highway route, the trambus continued on its way and returned to MAŞTİ, the starting point of the university and completed its tour.

The General Manager of MOTAŞ, Anwar Sadat Tamgacı; Ve We are going through a process in which national and spiritual feelings must be popular. We have to aim to raise our children, who are the guarantee of our future, with these feelings. Puppies that we will entrust our tomorrows must be raised with homeland, nation and spiritual feelings so that the country can be in safe hands. 23 April National and Sovereignty Day is a good opportunity to feed these feelings. The founder's mind must have acted with these emotions, which he gave to the children. In this spirit, we have decorated one of our Trambus with flag and balloons and allocated it to the service of our children. Starting from the morning hours, we had a tour between MAŞTİ and the University. In this sense, our activities will continue Bu.

Chocolate, balloons and flags were distributed to the children during the tour. Joy was added to the joy of children by listening to music. Children playing with music, expressed satisfaction with the activity and Malatya Metropolitan Municipality expressed their thanks. One of the parents of the students who said that they attended the same event the previous year, reminded that the national feelings of the students are fed with such activities and asked for this to continue.


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