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In Kocaeli, free transportation is solved: The members of Kocaeli Chamber of Minibuses and Buses announced that they will not move free with a press release on April.

After the ministries and the Chamber of Busers stopped the decision to move for free, AK Party Provincial Chairman Şemsettin Ceyhan met with the chairman and members of the chamber and resolved the crisis. Buses 30 will wait until April to make full monthly payments for 13. 30 1 will be in action as of May, unless payment is made by April.

The members of the Kocaeli Chamber of Minibus and Busman Rooms announced that the 6 will be free of charge for 65 age and above, disabled and disabled companion cards. Following the incident, the AK Party Provincial Chairman Şemsettin Ceyhan yesterday meeting with the Chamber of Minibuses and Busiers in the Park meeting in SEKA Park met about the crisis. Mustafa Kurt, Chairman of the Chamber of Minibuses and Busiers, took part in the meeting and drivers. Following the meeting closed to the press, President Ceyhan made a statement saying that the press members had reached an agreement.

Ve The first one was the free transportation of our 3 over the years for the 1 years, and there was also an amount to be paid per vehicle from the free transportation, ve said Şemsettin Ceyhan. These were particularly late due to the election period and the 65 was a monthly process. Hopefully, we will assume the responsibility of making payments to the shopkeepers by the ministry until the end of the month at the latest. If this is not done until the end of the month if the payment does not occur in May 13 in such a situation we said we will respect. They stated that our cooperative brought about a burden on the free transportation groups. We have expressed that the issue is not relevant to us. But we conveyed the files we will prepare as a loyal subject to the relevant ministry or even our Prime Minister. 1 '' rental '' with the name of the name that lasted for years now with the name of the 'pool system' in a system in the way that the minibus traders will be the least victim in the way they are running a deal. The talks were suspended. From Monday onwards, the deal was reached with the minibus tradesmen to make this negotiation faster. Pazartesi

President Kurt emphasized that Şemsettin Ceyhan was the representative of the Prime Minister in Kocaeli. In I would like to thank the Provincial Chairman Şemsettin Ceyhan on behalf of our 2 bin 200 shopkeepers. Our tradesmen are going through a very difficult time. We see his promises as a deed. During that time, we promised that they would help us. We will wait in peace. We do not have to quit the action. Only the action was postponed. We hope to solve the problems in the suspension. Provincial Chairman Ceyhan also has the word to us. 30 April or 1 We expect to make payments until May. If the payments are not made, I cannot stop the tradesman. The knife is now with the bone. Tradesmen do not have the strength to endure. Everyone knows this. If no payment is made, the contact will be closed. Then we will see what happens next. Sonr

“Everyone will see what our actions will be,” said Kurt, saying, “In 2017, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Karaosmanoğlu had a say about the tram to 520 city tradesmen. We expect this promise to be kept. If the tram tries to do business without 520 tradesmen, it cannot do business. He brings his own benefits. If we become a partner in the business, everyone will be satisfied in the tradesmen. The route of the tram itself was also a mistake. Planning was done without asking anyone. It was done only with the logic of get it. The way of working should be done with tradesmen. There is no need for a tram. It is a political investment. This is fueled by the opposition. In this case, everyone has to blame. There was a train in the city center and everyone struggled to remove it. Afterwards, a great struggle was fought for its removal. I cannot think of Yenişehir and Mehmet Ali Pasha's side. The city is our city. The investment was made by saying that it is not possible, it is not done ”.

No dead spots
Ceyhan gave the following statements: “After the solution of the problems, steps were taken in our country. At the point of paying per vehicle for the transportation of the age of 65 and over, steps were taken to eliminate the financial problems of the burning. We also met with the relevant people. Payment is expected within 15 days. After this issue is resolved, we will talk to our tradesmen about the pool. Our intention is that there is no tension in the city, we are in favor of solving problems at the table. We will take the file to be prepared by the tradesmen to Ankara. ”Regarding the subject of the tram, he gave the following statements:“ There is no cure for what happened and the death. The issue will be discussed after the tram investment is over. We will talk about the subway tomorrow. We work for people to provide comfortable transportation. No problem is solved if everyone is driving with their own vehicle. We are working so that the tradesmen are not victims "


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