Kanal Istanbul Project can be the death warrant of Istanbul

The Channel Istanbul Project may be the death warrant of Istanbul: the architect Eyüp Muhçu stated that the construction ban would be opened and the CHP councilman Erhan Aslaner warned for the 'climate'.

'Danger to climate'

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Küçükçekmece Municipality's CHP Council member Erhan Aslaner said: üy The Canal Istanbul project is a project in which serious land speculation is made. A serious danger to the climate. Regarding the environmental impact, no legal arrangements were made. This project can be an environmental disaster and death warrant of Istanbul. It is about to be hit by the climate of the city, which was killed with concrete. Küçükçekmece lake can be a part of the channel can be removed from the lake. Humanity's first settlement, the Yarımburgaz Caves and the ancient ruins of the ancient Bathionea and Region on the route, are also in danger of extinction. Ğ

In the General Assembly of the Parliament, the controversial bag law, including Kanal Istanbul, whose route is still unknown, was adopted. Discussions about the project started again. CHP councilor Erhan Aslaner said, "It could be the death sentence of Istanbul."

Political officials stated that they are working on the 3-4 route for Kanal Istanbul and that the work on the project is continuing.

The architects pointed out that there are Yarimburgaz Caves in Kucukcekmece. He says that he reaches to the middle of the 19th century and needs attention. The legislative infrastructure for the Kanal Istanbul project, which was disputed for Istanbul with the bag law adopted late in the day, was also provided. The land and land that hit the ı waterway sat will not be sold by municipalities and special administrations, and will not be used for any other purpose.

'The law is dangerous'

Channel Istanbul evaluating the President of the Chamber of Architects Eyüp Muhçu said, “This project came up as the imposition of Erdogan. These lands were marketed. Lands which have absolute construction ban were also marketed under this project.

Areas that need to be of public interest will also be opened for reconstruction. This law establishes a legal basis. With the introduction of TOKI, some construction companies will open the way for construction. This law in general is very dangerous and wrong, ”he said.



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