Tram Project in Izmir at Full Throttle

izmir railway
izmir railway

Tram Project in Izmir Full Gas: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will ease the traffic in the city to spread the rail system to the Konak and the two sides of the city. Karşıyaka Project.

The 13 station will be put into service between Fahrettin Altay Square and Halkapınar. In order to protect the mulberry trees in Şair Eşref Boulevard, the changed project was divided into two as arrival and departure.

9.8 is planned to be between km and Alaybey-Mavişehir Karşıyaka The tram consists of 15 stops. 14 station Karşıyaka A great progress has been made in the line laying work. The trams, which also aim to reduce traffic density and reduce the toxic gases emitted by wheeled vehicles, can carry 285 passengers at one time. More use of maritime transport Karşıyaka people will provide a comfortable transportation thanks to trams.

The tram project is designed in such a way that it will not destroy nature and will be implemented in a positive way. Izmir traffic is paralyzed because of the tram works people are revolting. The 3 lane along the 2 lane led to long lines on the street.

Citizens sitting on the beach boulevard due to the work of Mithat Pasha Street vehicles caused the concentration of traffic on this street. Normally, the road is parked on the side of the road because of traffic locked in the street traffic is no longer due to tram works. Same issue Karşıyaka people in the city KarşıyakaThe vehicles entering the site create long queues due to the studies.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality also announced that the problems are temporary.

Last month, the first stage of the parking lot work at Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard was re-opened. The capacity of the new car park was increased to 284. One-way application was started with a new door that opened P parking lot across the Göztepe Pier.



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