Instruction to prevent traffic congestion in Izmir

Instruction to prevent traffic congestion in Izmir: Minister of Transport, Lightning, Alsancak entrance road narrowing of the road to solve the congestion of the garden wall of the TCDD demolished, gave the road to add another strip

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yıldırım said that he ordered the signing of the protocol that will allow TCDD's garden wall to be demolished and add another lane to the road in order to solve the traffic congestion that has been experienced for years due to the narrowing of the road at the entrance of the city center Alsancak in Izmir. Minister Yıldırım said, “It is a very precious parcel. If Izmir Metropolitan Municipality expropriates this area, it will spend a lot of money. In this area where the city traffic is the most congested and the road is deadlock in Izmir, DDY has narrowed its own property with the protocol and opened the way to widen the road. Izmirli's money remained in the coffers of the municipality, ”he said.

According to the protocol sent to TCDD General Directorate, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will demolish the garden wall belonging to TCDD and the road between Vahap Özaltay Square and Alsancak Station will be two departures and arrivals. Muhsin Keçe, who prepared the protocol and was the Deputy Director of TCDD 3rd Regional Directorate, explained the technical details of the protocol as follows: “TCDD 3rd Regional Directorate operates in an area of ​​119 thousand square meters in total detached parcels in the Alsancak Station basin. The area in question is the crossroad in front of the Regional Directorate and the road in front of the Historic Gas Factory and the road in front of the church is currently under the property of DDY. In accordance with the contract made with the Metropolitan in the 1990s, an open space lease agreement has been signed for an area of ​​9 thousand square meters between the intersection and the gas factory. As of the end of 2015, the Metropolitan has expropriated the 1.5-2 meter road between the area in front of the church and our nursery area in front of the DDY within the scope of both the tramway line project and the road expansion work and requested to expand the road. By adding both the tramway area and the existing road into the contract, we made a request to make a protocol, including the expansion of the 9 square meter area to 500 square meters. In this context, since it is a registered parcel, approvals and permissions were obtained from the Regional Directorate of Culture and Nature Conservation, and it was sent to our General Directorate on March 18, 500 by taking the decision of the tender commission. After being approved by our General Directorate, we will make a contract with the municipality and rent the area in question to the municipality. In this context, the municipality will draw the 24 meter wall in front of our kindergarten and expand the road. " Keçe stated that in order to contribute to the tram line works between Halkapınar and Fahrettin Altay, İzmir Metropolitan also included the tram station under their ownership to be built in front of TCDD Masjid in the protocol.



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