Metrobus manufacturer for which IETT requested 16 million TL compensation went bankrupt

The BRT manufacturer, for which IETT asked for 16 million TL compensation, went bankrupt: IETT's claim for compensation of 1 million lira, which was damaged due to 307 Phileas buses purchased from the Netherlands for 950 million 50 thousand 16 euros, became a dream after bankruptcy.

IETT General Directorate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's 65 million 397 thousand 500 euro (about 210 million TL), late delivery and filed for damages due to missing equipment manufacturer of the 50 bus manufacturer announced the Dutch Advanced Public Trasport Systems bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy decision, IETT opened the Dutch company filed for the 16 million pounds compensation case in Istanbul 16. The case in the Commercial Court of First Instance reached 7 in December 2015. The company decided to apply to the court with bankruptcy lawyers in Turkey, stating that the termination of guardianship duties as a lawyer appointed liquidator of the company they want to be notified the next Deda J Van Meer. The court decided to postpone 14 to July 2016 and postponed the hearing to 29 2016 8. On the 2016 March XNUMX unanimous decision was taken to notify the bankruptcy assigned to the company that went bankrupt.

According to the file from the Netherlands, Advanced Public Trasport Systems announced the bankruptcy of 24 November 2014. The Oost Brant Tribunal, who was in charge of the bankruptcy proceedings, appointed a trustee, stating that the company was unable to pay any more. A year after the bankruptcy decision in the case file that Turkey has reached in December of this year 2015.


The complainant filed with the CHP Parliamentary Member Dr. Hakkı Sağlam, Hakkı We will file a criminal complaint against IETT. They could not collect their receivables, the bankruptcy before the letter of the bankruptcy of the man pulled the flag of bankruptcy. The compensation case is gone. We have warned so much about it, I've objected to anyone I've objected to. It's proven that we didn't throw mud, we were right. We have repeatedly stated that Topbaş was in charge. He cannot escape responsibility, Sorum he said.

While the conditions of the Capa City company were better during the purchase of the metrobus, a lawsuit was also filed against Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş on the grounds that he preferred Phileas buses and damaged the municipality. The lawsuit filed against Topbaş and 20 defendants for "misconduct of office" demanding a prison sentence of up to 3 years and resulting in acquittal is now at the Supreme Court stage.

The Phileas brand 4 buses, the number of which was purchased for 50 million lira from the Netherlands, went on a trip from time to time because they could not adapt to the road conditions of Istanbul and often break down. One of the buses burned down at the Şirinevler stop last year. After the fire, the buses were completely suspended.

Source : Sözcü



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