Asylum seekers in Idomeni continue to block the railway

Asylum seekers in Idomeni continued the rail closure action: Asylum seekers in the Greek town of Idomeni continued the rail closure action in the region.

In the camp in the town of Idomeni on the Greek border with Macedonia, the asylum seekers awaiting the opening of the border continued the railroad closure action they started 12 days ago as they were not allowed to continue on their way.

Refusing to leave the camp in Idomeni and be placed in other camps, the asylum seekers stated that they do not believe in the EU's program to relocate them to member states.

Officials of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in the town noted that the only solution to improve the current situation is to distribute asylum seekers to other camps and apply to the EU's resettlement program and follow the process.

In the refugee camp in Idomeni, the number of security forces was increased as a precaution.

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