Towards the happy end in the Çorum railway project


Towards a happy end in the Çorum railway project: Çorum Deputy and Turkish Grand National Assembly Director Salim Uslu made explanations about the railway project they followed closely.

The railway project has become concrete, 62 and 64 are included in the third Government Programs, Engineering Services and Application Project is also included in the 2015 year investment program. 3, Çorum - Merzifon (95 Km) 09.06.2015, Merzifon - Samsun (96 Km) was made on the date of 30.09.2015. The tender processes carried out with great care have started to be concluded. The first part of the Delice - Çorum Railway Survey Project, Engineering and Consultancy Service has been contracted with 95 TL at 05.02.2016 April 4.015.540. The authorities of our Ministry will start work quickly by establishing the control organization next week. Good to our country.

15 Million TL Investment in Surveying, Engineering and Consultancy Services

It is planned to start the work by connecting the Merzifon - Samsun part of the Çorum - Merzifon part within 2 months and within the 4 month. If we evaluate the electromechanical work, which is included in the Merzifon - Samsun stage, which is the last tender of the 95 part of the 3 part of the project, engineering and consultancy works, we will have invested approximately 15 Million TL for the preparation of our railway.

Considering the point reached today; As Çorum family, we have reached today with the success of team work by working with deputies, governor, mayor, party organization, non-governmental organizations and press. We live this happiness together. We will continue to follow the process. Süre

Annual 2,5 Million Passenger, 3,25 Million Tons Load

With the project, a fast, double line electric and signaled railway will be constructed with 289 Km length. The corridor will be transformed into a high standard with the project that will connect the Black Sea to Central Anatolia and the Mediterranean Region and will be the most important north-south axis of our country. With the railway is aimed at moving annually 2,5 Million passengers and 3,25 Million Ton Loads.

Looking at the past of the process;

During the visit of İsmet Pasha to Çorum on May 15, 1925, the citizen saw the demand of “Ümranyolu-Şimendifer” as needed, “he promised that they would try to ensure this.” (20 May 1925 - Çorum Newspaper) The first step to fulfill this promise given by İsmet Pasha 89 years ago was once again the AK Party cadres.

Kırıkkale - Çorum - Samsun railway project and feasibility study which is planned as a high standard line has been tendered on 26 August 2010 and completed on 10 June 2013. Preliminary project and feasibility studies are in progress;

On January 26, 2012, Çorum Deputies Salim Uslu, Cahit Bağcı, Murat Yıldırım, Mayor Muzaffer Külcü, AK Party Provincial President Ahmet Sami Ceylan, AK Party Central District President Mustafa Köse, Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Çetin Başaranhıncal and Samsun Deputies Minister of Transportation Binali They visited Yıldırım and asked for support to accelerate the Ankara-Kırıkkale-Çorum-Samsun Railway Project. Minister Yıldırım said, “Expressing his satisfaction due to the visit, Ankara-Kırıkkale-Çorum-Samsun high-speed train project will be realized after the works to be done, we will do our best to speed it up”.

On 07 February 2013, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan held the 3rd regional meeting at the AK Party Headquarters, on behalf of the Çorum delegation, Çorum Deputy and GNAT Administrative Chief Salim Uslu took the floor; The railway issue was also brought up to the Prime Minister of the time, Erdoğan, and it was stated that the railway project is extremely important for Çorum. At the meeting, Minister of Transport Binali Yıldırım made statements and showed maps. “We are in favor of speeding up the process. Solving Çorum's railway problem as soon as possible is of great importance not only to Çorum, but also to more than 3 million citizens living in the region. kazanWe believe it will bring positive results.” he said.

02 On April 2013, Çorum Governor Sabri Başköy and Mayor Muzaffer Külcü and Undersecretary of Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Habip Soluk and General Director of Infrastructure Investments Metin Tahan were visited and the details of the railway and highway projects were discussed.

18 June 2014 date will cost approximately 5,5 Billion TL, with details clarified, dual-line, 279 Km. The Kırıkkale - Çorum - Samsun Railway Project was sent to the Ministry of Development for a decision of the High Planning Council.

01 Çorum Railway Project in 2014.

14 In January 2015, the Engineering Services and Implementation Project of our Railroad was included in the 2015 Investment Program published in the Official Gazette.

09 June 2015 Delice - Çorum Railway Survey Project, Engineering and Consultancy Service tender work was made.

30 On September 2015 Çorum - Merzifon Railway Survey Project, Engineering and Consultancy Service tender work was made.

25 2015 64 history has been proved in the XNUMX. Government Program which is read in the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

05 February 2016 - Samsun - Çorum - Kırıkkale Railway Projects in the scope of the work within the scope of Merzifon - Samsun (Infrastructure, Superstructure, Electromechanical) Railway Surveying Project, Engineering and Consultancy Service tender work was made.

18 was contracted for 2016 TL on April 4.015.540 by acquiring Delice - Çorum Railway Survey Project, Engineering and Consultancy Service.

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