Invisible train in 2018

Invisible train in 2018: In the first place, 7 trains that are almost impossible to notice with the naked eye will be produced!

We know Japan's success in high speed train. Super-fast trains produced with magnetic lifting technology can see the speed of 600 km per hour. It is also very difficult to see a train moving at this speed clearly.

Seibu Railway Co. (railway business) and Japanese architect Kazuyo Sejima wants more. Accordingly, 7 'invisible trains' will be produced that are almost impossible to notice with the naked eye.

Of course, the train is not possible for any object to be invisible yet to be invisible with today's technology. According to Sejima, the train will be covered with a material that will reflect the surroundings and will take its place on the tracks in 2018.

As we will remember, in the past few weeks we had a story about the invisibility cloak. In this article, we learned that researchers have reached invisibility by embedding galactan-filled resonators in silicon plates. Of course, these developments are still in the micron level. So it could not be developed to cover a huge train.



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