Chinese delegation is in Zonguldak for the rail system… The first meetings were positive…

The Chinese delegation is in Zonguldak for the rail system… The first meetings were positive…: Negotiations started with the Chinese delegation for the “Zonguldak-Kozlu Rail Mass Transportation System Project”, a project that will improve the quality of life in Zonguldak. The delegation of 2 people who came to Zonguldak from China to make a presentation about the system gave information to Zonguldak and Kozlu Municipalities about the project. Stating that the presentation was positive, Ertan Şahin, Mayor of Kozlu said, “We understood the issue, we had information to determine how to walk and how to draw our road map”.

Zonguldak and Kozlu to facilitate the transportation and quality of life is a project to improve the Ray Zonguldak-Kozlu Rail Public Transport System Project arasındaki officially began to implement initiatives. Zonguldak and Kozlu municipalities will be jointly held on the project about the Chinese delegation, came to Zonguldak. The first meeting with the Chinese Company CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Ltd. was held at the Assembly Hall of the Municipality of Kozlu. Meeting; Kozlu Mayor Ertan Sahin, Deputy Mayor of Zonguldak Erhan Darende, Deputy Mayor of Kozlu Kerim Yilmaz, Regional Manager of CRRC Company and Senior Engineer Leo Li, CRRC Engineer Li Liang, CRRC Company Member Yada, Mr. Kozlu Municipality Director and Council Members .

After the preliminary meeting Koztan Mayor Ertan Sahin, demanded the cost of project work and cost. CRRC company officials, specifying that they will start the work, as soon as possible to discuss the issue expressed their invitation to China.

Zonguldak Deputy Mayor Erhan Darende stated that the rail system which is on the agenda between Zonguldak and Kozlu is continuing and researches for the public transportation vehicles are continuing. Girişim We continue our bilateral contacts with the Municipality of Kozlu together with the Chinese delegation. First, we will put forward a feasibility study. We will continue to work after reviewing their applications on-site. Hopefully, this project as soon as possible to the service of the people of Zonguldak and Kozlu offer the most beautiful and bring to life, süre he said.


Mayor of Kozlu stated that they had the first meeting with the Chinese delegation Ertan Sahin, Şahin We respect your attention to the labor you give. I hope we bring this together on the road that we started jointly. Getting started is half the end. At least we understood the basis of how this project could be and its introduction. In the following period, the project will continue in the form of preparation and provision of resources. We believe that this project will be a great value for Kozlu and Zonguldak. With this project, Kozlu-Zonguldak will be shortened and Kozlu will be a center of Zonguldak. There will be a safer transportation system. We want to achieve this and continue to do so. In this sense, you are already providing the necessary guarantees that you will help us. I hope we will have done a nice work together. I would also like to thank you for your kindness to come up here, to give us this information and to take care of our city. Our friends gave us a presentation about the public transport system in Zonguldak. Zonguldak Deputy Mayor Erhan Darende and our technical delegations have received this presentation. We understood the subject, how to walk and how to draw our road map to determine how we have. As you know, we didn't want to go to China without preliminary work. Now our research is a bit shaped and I think 'a visit to China can be done now'. Such projects are projects made for the future of Zonguldak and Kozlu. Hopefully we will achieve this during this period. I think the foundations will be laid even if it doesn't succeed. Başarı


CRRC Regional Manager Leo Li said in a statement, “It is very important to be able to start a meeting anytime, to start a business. We want the best of everything possible. The atmosphere of Zonguldak is really nice, the people are very good… We want to bring the rail system to Zonguldak. I hope a cooperation and a good project will come to life. We always strive to bring the best service to our customers. We do everything for this. In this sense, if we can implement it in Zonguldak, it will be a good project ”.

After the meeting, Mayor of Kozlu Ertan Sahin presented his presents to the guests.

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