Bursa is stunned for forgotten items

The forgotten items in Bursaray are astonished: The items that the citizens of Bursa have forgotten on public transportation vehicles surprises those who see them. Items that are kept waiting for a while are then delivered to people in need, including Syrians.

BURULAŞ, the transportation company of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, is given to people who are in need of help in Bursaray wagons, in the city and on the sea buses and in the lost items that are not bought by the owners.

Thousands of people in the subway and municipal buses connected to BURULAŞ forgotten thousands of goods. Forgotten items include bicycles, strollers, walking sticks, dentures, 2 meter-wide painting canvases, keyrings, necklaces, watches, cell phones, as well as hundreds of items.


Lost items forgotten at Osmangazi Bursaray Station Lost Property Office are kept for a year for their owners to come and pick them up. Items with a legal waiting period of one year are sold if not bought by their owners. With the income obtained from the items sold, donations are made to retirement homes and charities. Items whose waiting period has expired this year will be delivered to the Syrians Association and delivered to those in need.

Saying that the lost property office was at the Acemler station before, Havva Çetin said, “We have been serving at Osmangazi Station for the last six months. Items forgotten in vehicles connected to BURULAŞ come to us. All of the things forgotten in Bursaray, buses and BUDO come here. We separate them by date and order. We record daily, label and place them in cabinets. If our citizens arrive and describe their belongings correctly, we deliver them immediately. We donate some of the belongings that are not taken by their owners and whose waiting period has expired, and we sell some of them and donate the income to the nursing home. "We will donate the items that have expired for the last year to the Syrians Association."

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