Items forgotten on the tram in Samsun are at the warehouse

Items that are forgotten in tram in Samsun are in store: While the items that are forgotten in trams where public transportation is provided in Samsun are surprising, these items are published on the website of the municipal transportation services and efforts are made to find their owners.

Trams and stations within Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Light Rail System Operation and forgotten items in buses attract attention. The most striking among the forgotten items are bicycles, mobile phones, associate and undergraduate diplomas. Many forgotten materials are kept in a warehouse in Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Light Rail System Operation (SAMULAŞ A.Ş.) General Directorate building. Stating that there are many materials such as bicycles, latest mobile phones, associate degree and undergraduate diplomas in the warehouse, there are many materials such as identity, wallet, bag, laundry, shoes and clothing items.

Support Services Manager İbrahim Şahin said, “All of the items forgotten here are items found in our tram, ring and express vehicles. Whenever it ends, vehicles are checked by our teams and come to our building. When the owner of the materials appears, we give them to the owners in return for a report. Our security personnel search in the trams, usually at the university and station stations, after the expiry. In addition, the materials found are also published on our official website.

People can forget everything you can think of. Among the forgotten interesting items are a bicycle and university diploma. Strange, but how a person forgets the diploma. They give and read years to get the diploma. Then they forget and go away. ”

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