Rail record for EXPO

Rail record for EXPO: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has built 2016 kilometer rail system in a short time such as 8 for transportation to EXPO 19 area. Line, 420 million pounds, 8 rail system vehicle cost 100 million pounds

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality broke its own record for the construction of the rail system line from the Square to the EXPO 2016 Antalya area. In Antalya, where 11 kilometers of rail system line was built in one and a half years, this time 8 kilometers of line was completed in 19 months and a new record was broken. The 2016-kilometer second stage rail system line, which extended the Meydan-Kepez line, which Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel acquired in the first period, to the EXPO 19 Antalya area in Aksu district, was completed in a very short time. In the project, which cost 420 million lira in total, the Ministry of Transport provided the line construction, and the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality provided 8 rail system vehicles for a price of over 100 million lira.

The second stage rail system project starts from the Square and continues along Aspendos Boulevard and ends at EXPO 2016 Antalya stop. In addition, the route is connected to Antalya Airport with an arm of 2.4 kilometers. The system includes a total of 75 stations, each of which is 15 meters long and of a level type. On the other hand, the Metropolitan Municipality, Antalya, 3'i stage to get together rolled up the sleeves. The 3 line between Varsak and Meltem is aimed to be laid this year.



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