Esogü and Tülomsaş Rail and Rail System Vehicles Workshop Held

Esogü and Tülomsaş Organized Rail and Rail System Tools Workshop: Düzen Railway and Rail System Vehicles Workshop lı organized by Eskişehir Osmangazi University (ESOGÜ) and TÜLOMSAŞ took place at TÜLOMSAŞ Facilities.
Speaking at the opening of the workshop TÜLOMSAŞ General Manager Hayri Avci, as an institution to be able to rise to a higher level of intellectual knowledge, but it would be possible to reach the disciplined scientific information expressed by expressing that they work with universities in this direction, he said. Hayri Avci, the two institutions in the workshop and wished to be good for our country.

Mehmet Kenan Işık, the chairman of the Rail Systems Cluster Association, said that the rail systems sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world, while Eskişehir, which has a deep-rooted railway culture that produces, designs and develops, has an important place in this sector. Stating that the next target in Eskişehir is to produce value-added products, Mehmet Kenan Işık stated that the most important parameter here is to produce and use the information. Mehmet Kenan Işık stated that a good synergy was created in Eskişehir in the field of rail systems and underlined that the important one is to bring this synergy to net results and economic outcomes.

Rector of ESOGU Dr. In addition to carrying out high-quality education and conducting high-level scientific studies, HASAN Gönen stated that as being a ES regional university u, ESOGÜ stated that rail systems, aviation and space areas were determined as strategic targets in this direction. The importance of the transformation of scientific knowledge produced by universities to the product, patent and technology and the importance of the country for development of the country. Dr. Hasan Gönen, ESOGÜ Engineering Department, stating that a very important knowledge, said they want to convert this product.

Professor Dr. Hasan Gönen, at this point, if the master's and doctoral studies are directed to rail systems and other strategic areas will not be difficult to reach the results said. He added that the existing cooperation in the cooperation of institutions should be transformed into a tangible product. Dr. Hasan Gönen stated that the university is always ready to cooperate in the field of rail systems and expressed his wish that the workshop will be an important milestone in the development of our country.

The workshop aims to develop joint projects on the solution of the problems encountered in the production of graduate education and the problems encountered in the production of railway vehicles, and thus to create added value by developing a working, common thinking and movement co-operation between the two institutions.

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