Skiing in Cıbıltepe in April

Enjoy skiing in April in Cibiltepe: citizens in Turkey's western province while swimming, tourists can enjoy skiing in Cibiltepe lives.

After the snow, which continued its effect in the Eastern Anatolia Region, the snow thickness reached up to 45 centimeters in Cıbıltepe Ski Center.

Snowfall, which was effective during the week in the city, also activated the hotel businesses operating in Cıbıltepe Ski Center.

citizens from different regions of Turkey, did enjoy skiing and snowboarding on the slopes in Cibiltepe.

Murat Demir, the general manager of a hotel serving in the ski center, said in a statement that the ski season continues in Sarıkamış, even though it is April, and that snowfall is reviving the winter tourism.

“We were going to close the ski season in April”

Stating that especially the weekend occupancy rate reached 50 percent, Demir said, “According to our schedule, we were going to close the ski season in April. However, snowfall occurred. There is very good snow on our tracks. This year was a surprise for us. If it doesn't rain, the ski season lasts until the 15th of April. ” used expressions.

İsmail Ergöz, one of the ski instructors, stated that it is a privilege to ski in Sarıçam forests in April and said, “There is no such beauty in the crystal snow that has no avalanche danger at 2 altitude anywhere in the world. Sarıkamış is the place where you can ski the longest with natural snow. If this snow can be kept, skiing will be done until the end of April. ” said.

30 snowboard with a total length of 1 in XIUMX ski center, 8 slalom runway and 200 chairlift with a capacity of one thousand 4 per hour.