Ener Chairman Aksu, Erzurum Light Rail System Project Developments

Ener Chairman Aksu, Erzurum Light Rail System Project Developments Concern: Erzurum Center for Thought and Strategy (ENER) Chairman Vahdet Nafiz Aksu, the Erzurum Light Rail System Project reported that they found positive and pleasing developments.

Commenting on the statements of Metropolitan Mayor Mehmet Sekmen, who was a guest of the "Gündem Özel" program broadcast on Kardelen TV, Aksu said: “We understand from the statements of Mr. President that the issue came up during his visit to China. Meetings were held with the relevant companies. In fact, a project study was carried out for pre-feasibility. The statements of Mr. President regarding their intention to realize the Project, which they will present to the Ministry of Transport in April, are extremely exciting and gratifying. There has never been such a concrete development in this great service that has been on the agenda for years. Our satellite cities, hospitals, universities, ski facilities and hotels will be connected to each other with this important project, which is also proposed by ENER and shared with the public several times. More than 100 thousand of our students will be saved from being cold at the stops in harsh winter conditions; It will have convenient, comfortable and faster transportation. The route regarding the first stage voiced by the President has been well thought out and determined accurately. This project, which is also vital for our winter tourism, will go down in history as a great investment that suits the great and modern Erzurum of the future. Erzurum needs vision projects like this. The names of those who started and implemented such big projects will be engraved in the service memory of the city. This is undoubtedly the greatest reward for service and politicians. We would like to express our gratitude to the President, the deputies and the technical team for their contribution to this great dream of ENER.

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