Citizens are Not Victimized in Akçaray Line

Citizens are not Victimized in Akçaray Line Work: In Akçaray line work, special measures are taken to prevent tradesmen and citizens from having problems.

While the construction works continue in the Akçaray Tramway Project, which will make the transportation network of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality more modern, qualified and comfortable, measures are taken to prevent the citizens from experiencing problems with the tradesmen along the route.

In the infrastructure and superstructure works on the tramway route, there is a solution to the demands of the citizens. In this context, the Metropolitan Municipality teams made a mobile bridge for the disabled citizens with wheelchair access to reach their destination more easily.

On the other hand, permanent solutions were provided to the citizens who had difficulty in entering the doors of the tram route. At another point where there is no work, the entrance of the gate, the Metropolitan teams, won the satisfaction of the citizens.

In addition, teams renewed social facilities such as camellia in the gardens of the houses damaged during the route. The teams underlined that they are evaluating the demands and requests of the citizens in order not to make the citizens suffer.

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