Devlet Bahceli Bridge Law And Legal

📩 09/12/2018 16:46

Devlet Bahçeli Bridge Compatible with Law and Legislation: The foundation of the foundation is the Ve no project ş regarding the Bahçeli Bridge, and the President of the Department of Science Affairs of the Adana Metropolitan Municipality, Ragıp Bekaroğlu refuted the allegations.

For two years, öne Adana Metropolitan Municipality is a big, visceral project, there is no work, şaşırtıcı those who cry in the public opinion, as soon as the foundation for a giant project thrown, in an incredible indigestion, with an astonishing reflex State Garden Bridge project to claim that there are not started. Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Huseyin Oral's political rivals also allowing these claims to be in the national media's smear campaign activities to spread to Turkey. TMMOB previously; 3. The fact that the Bosphorus Bridge, Marmaray, Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir Motorway and the Access Road Project which will pass through METU is also objected to, and that the evaluations should be made accordingly will be more reasonable.

There is no project and no legal obligation PROJE

Chamber of Turkish Engineers and Architects Chambers (TMMOB) affiliated professional chambers held a press conference, the foundation of the foundation of the Garden Bridge claims that the project does not have claims on the project, Adana Metropolitan Municipality Head of Science Department Ragıp Bekaroğlu made a statement. Stating that the allegations that the State Garden Bridge is not relevant to the project, the head of the Adana Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs Ragıp Bekaroğlu said,'n Without the project of our bridge, the relevant institutions would not give approval.
We made the preliminary project of the bridge. General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSI) and Regional Directorate gave approval. We went out of the tender project. All the works we do comply with the relevant Tender Law. We have no shortage. During the tender, we gave the contractor the construction project. The contractor who took the tender will do this implementation project and give it to us. We will examine and check and we will do this project to DSI. They comply with all laws and regulations. There is an objection to the tender for the Public Procurement Authority. The relevant institution will evaluate the objection and make a conclusion. İlgili


Bekaroğlu, the public practice in the public tender is a common application of saving, the master plan to discuss the suitability of the debate, "This is not a master plan, a project prepared according to the developing conditions," he stressed that the criticism is unfounded.

On the other hand, upon the publication of the allegations that there is no project of the State Garden Bridge at the press conference organized by the Chamber of Commerce of TMMOB. shared information. After the information sharing, new news was prepared and news was made in the light of the information made by Ragıp Bekaroğlu, Head of the Department of Science Affairs of Adana Metropolitan Municipality, based on the documents that the bridge was found. Thus, it was shared with the public that the claims in the first news were unsubstantiated.

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