Due to the failure in İZBAN, flights fail

Due to the breakdown in İZBAN, the voyages slowed down. Passengers who could not reach IZBAN because of the fault reacted to the situation.

There was a malfunction between Aliaga and Menemen and even between 18.00-19.00 in the evening. The 1 halts for hours. The authorities, who are working hard to eliminate the fault, warned that transportation to Aliağa and Menemen stations would interfere with transportation due to a technical problem. Long passenger queues occurred at the stations because the malfunction occurred at the time of the workers' exit. Passengers in İZBAN in recent days, often occurring malfunctions and great victimization stating that they do not take measures against this system has not taken measures.


Claims that transportation was not due to a malfunction, but because of the bomb threat, was denied by the authorities. İZBAN officials said that they experienced a technical failure and the fault was remedied as soon as possible and said: sür After a period of approximately 1 hours, we have solved the problem. The allegations of stopping the transportation due to the bomb call were totally unfounded. In order to prevent our passengers from being victimized, we provided access to Menemen Station from Aliağa by buses belonging to ESHOT during the hours of the failure. We thank our passengers for their understanding iz.

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