Information Sharing Workshop on Remote Structural Status Monitoring Systems in Railways

Workshop on Information on Remote Structural Status Imaging Systems in Railways: A workshop conducted by DATEM Directorate of Operations was held at Istanbul Intercontinental Hotel.

Turkey and in the framework of the UK academic year the British Council and TÜBİTAK supports the Istanbul Intercontinental Hotel organized "Knowledge Exchange of Remote Condition Monitoring on Railway" ( "Railways Remote Structural Condition Monitoring Systems About Information Sharing) workshop on DATEM was conducted by the Department of Business Administration.

Workshop coordinator of the DATEM employees covered by Medi Turkey. and Malz. Load. Eng. Pınar Yılmazer and the University of Birmingham-Birmingham Papaorkas undertook the Mayorkinos.

England participants in Oxford, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Brunel, Northumbria University, the National Structural Integrity Research Center and working across disciplines in respect of remote sensing systems such as Network Rail 16 personality of a technical group, has been selected by Turkey and the United Kingdom coordinators. The presentations of the 32 participants were approved by evaluating and evaluating the technical studies.

A total of 2020 sessions were held with priority given to the importance of working within the framework of the European Union Horizon 6, which is possible to adapt to the TCDD infrastructure and operation system.

Hakan Günel, Umut Biçer, Barış B. Altıntaş, Yusuf Çatı and 1. The studies conducted at TCDD with the contributions of Yelda Ademoğlu from the Regional Directorate were presented to the participants.

The priorities of TCDD and DATEM on remote sensing systems and future project research were discussed during the workshop and studies on bilateral cooperation were initiated. Academics who are working in various universities in Turkey during the workshop attended by researchers and experts, and formation of new initiatives from the private sector and universities was achieved consensus on the issue. Bahçeşehir University, Gazi University, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul University, Dumlupinar University, ASELSAN and YapıRay Center, with the support of our participants from the European Union projects and other funds were shared.

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