Derince will be the intermodal logistics base

Derince will be an intermodal logistics base: Safiport Derince, the only port with a railway terminal and rail line in the Gulf Region, adds the third leg 'railway' to cargo handling. With this investment, the company, which aims to provide integrated services from the Far East to Europe and Africa, will spend about 4 million tons of cargo on the railway. Safiport Chairman Hakan Safi said that with this investment, Derince will become the 'intermodal logistics hub'. Stating that they are aiming for 4 million tons of cargo on the railway in Safiport Derince, Safi announced that 2019 million tons of connections will be made by the end of 1. He added that the loads on the railway could be handled in the second quarter of 2016, and in mid 2017, automatic stacking cranes (RMG) would be ready at the port for these loads.

These cranes through 8 and 2 rail line, emphasizing the land can be handled simultaneously Safi, "Turkey will be the first Rail Mounted Gantry Crane (RMG) cranes from the transport speed to be gained," he said. Gross investment in Turkey who claim that this size and volume, "We transform them into opportunities where the rail system has very few ports in the industry with this investment," he said.



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