Dangerous transition from level crossing

Dangerous transition from level crossing: Although the automatic barriers in the level crossing before the train crossing in Adana are closed and the warning bell rings, the pedestrians and the drivers make the transition to the mouths.

The level crossings on the railway passing through the city center in Adana invite death to death due to the unconscious use of citizens. Although dozens of people die every year in the accidents occurring citizens defy death from closed level crossings both vehicles and pedestrians continue to pass.

The level crossing in Fevzipaşa neighborhood was also visible when citizens were passing unconsciously. During the passing of a passenger train in the direction of Mersin, the automatic barriers were closed before the train arrived at the level crossing and the warning bell started to ring. However, some drivers and pedestrians who could not wait for the train to pass crossed the rest of the barrier. Some of the citizens crossed the level crossing with a bicycle on the pedestrian crossing. This was the second time after the citizens passed the train continued. This behavior of citizens who were invited to death was watched with amazement.



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