Çorumlu wants to wake up with train whistle

Çorumlular wants to wake up with the train whistle: Railroad, Çorumlularla taaa II. The Beşiktaş dream “, a N dream,, a, yearning günler based on the days of the 7-8 Hasan Pasha's Besiktas Guard, Abdulhamit.

In fact, it is rumored that some of the Çorums wanted sim clock tower ünlü instead of ules railway'n and 7-8 Hasan Pasha built the famous clock tower, which is the symbol of Çorum.

I don't know the accuracy of this rumor, but I'd hear that our ancestors had been betrayed orum Oh I wish the train had passed through Çorum! Bu

For that, from the 1970, I went after a railroad that would pass through Çorum.
Whenever the issue came up, I wrote Konu Çorum's century-old longing Konu.

A railway line connecting the Black Sea to the capital Ankara was an extremely, ground-breaking derece project for the country's economy.

When I started to publish ÇORUM NEWS at 1985, the late Özal brought the Black Sea Economic Cooperation project from a very different perspective. Accordingly, Çorum, which took giant steps in terms of industrialization, the production base of the region and Samsun Port, would be the gate of the region to the world through the Black Sea.

It was an exciting thought.
This excitement, "Çorum'ı industry, trade, culture, art, education, health, tourism center," I have written how many hundred times I have written that I do not remember.

Çorum, in the Central Black Sea, had peace with the cities such as Amasya, Tokat, Kastamonu and Çankırı, had the potential to stimulate the am regional development bar in a strong cooperation with Samsun and had an entrepreneurial spirit and an investment climate.

From the middle of the 1980s, I was in close contact with my esteemed brother İhsan Pekel, who was then Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, who later served as the “Minister of Transport X in the election cabinet and retired from the membership of the Constitutional Court. He was a “Çorum nationalist isi who multiplied his heart for Çorum, just like me Kend

On the wall of the Undersecretary's office, a map of the railroad line passing through Çorum was hung.

Economic reasons were shown, but I think the real fact was that with the weight of the strong politicians of Çankırı, the project was shaped as ın Ankara-Çankırı-Çorum-Amasya Ekonomik. With the money made today, millions of projects were constructed and even the construction was taken into the state's investment program. We were hoping that the railway would be started in a short period of time, even though we had a symbolic allowance for a few years.

However, this project was later removed from the investment program.

It was argued that the connection to Çerikli would be a more realistic and right choice, which I think should have been.
In the ministerial bureaucracy, the next draft work was completely directed.

In the decades that have passed, there have been significant changes in rail transport, high-speed trains for passenger transport as well as freight transport had been on the agenda. The railway line that will connect Ankara and Samsun by passing through Çorum should be suitable for both passenger transportation and freight transportation.

We have to express our gratitude to all of our deputies who have represented Corum in parliament recently, so the project has been matured. And at this stage, the study of the railway line is started.

The latest, our Republic 100. We believe that Çorum will reach the railway in 2023.

If Allah gives life, I will be eternally happy to testify that my ancestors' dreams have been fulfilled.

I don't think I can hold tears in the face of that historic excitement.

Let us come to the airport uz
I always write, ”Çorumliler with teeth, nails, they created an industrial oasis in the Anatolian steppe,“ I write.
This fact, Turkey's famous economists were also delivered; They wrote the name of Çorum among the “Anatolian Tigers af beş For Çorum, they said” SME Capital “,” Çorum Model in Development için as three-five tradesmen came together and set up a “hat“ '

Çorum people, who evaluated the incentives provided by the state ”honorably yol and“ most in a heartbeat Devlet, included the agricultural city ”Çorum“ as Devlet cities in the path of industrialization “.

The population of the city also exceeded the 1980 bin dam in the 100. Even though Corum has received immigration from its own countryside, it has continued to grow regularly and now it is over 250.

Both urban growth and industrialization have fueled the need and expectation of the airport in Çorum at the end of the 1980. In addition, the presence of many Çorumlu abroad strengthened the idea that an airport to be opened in Çorum could be operated efficiently.

As the file Ç Stol Type Çorum Airport da, which was brought to the agenda of the Governor Ahmet Kara again, it was decided in 1991 to construct Çorum Airport. Contracted at 1996. Excavation and filling works of the track were completed with a percentage of 24. Then the airport construction was removed from the program at 2002.

Mr. Governor, the stall type airport of 6 to Corum, 2100 meters, runway length of 30 meters, 20 million pounds will cost, only planned to shorten the transportation to Merzifon Airport Corum, but due to legal problems are allocated to the road reserved 13 million pounds, especially the Special Administration, other local organizations, industrialists and businessmen by adding the contribution of the airport can be calculated by adding.

Even if the runway length is increased to 3 thousand meters and the width to 45 meters, it is not an unacceptable number.

Let's say 40 million pounds D
750 million to the airport over the sea, 40 million Corum is seen too?
Comparing the airport with the railway is not the reasoning.
The railway is a billion dollar project, the airport is not more than 40 million pounds Demiryolu
In addition, the 40-50 airplanes, more practical and the organization of flights to each center, today's "new concept" is expressed as.
Let's come together!
Summary of summary:
Çorum has been on the train for a century, and for a quarter of a century,
Çorumlu wants both.
The airport is a project that can be realized much easier if hand-drawn.
Everyone who contributed to the high-speed train will write this city in the history of bu gold letters Hızlı.
20 We repeat our call in April:
Today is the day for historical union.
Governor, deputies, Mayor, TSO, representing the business world, under the airport runway to establish a natural gas heating system and to contribute to the construction of the terminal Çorumgaz A.Ş. Our president, the names of all the professional and non-governmental organizations that we can not individually mention the heads, managers, artisans, industrialists and businessmen, all Çorumlular!
Çorum is waiting for you to claim Çorum in unity and solidarity.
Airport immediately Havaalanı
Fast train coming soon Hızlı

Source: Mehmet YOLYAPAR

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