New Regulation in Batıkent Metro Begins Tomorrow

📩 09/12/2018 16:56

New Regulation in Batıkent Metro is Starting Tomorrow: The connection between Keçiören Metro and Batıkent Metro starts tomorrow. For two months, Akköprü will transfer to AKM by bus

Due to the connection works of Keçiören Metro and Batıkent Metro to be made by the Ministry of Transport, a new arrangement will be made on the Batıkent Metro line for 2 months from tomorrow. During the works to be carried out by the Ministry of Transport; Passengers taking the metro from Sincan and Batıkent will get off at Akköprü Station and will be transported to the next station, AKM, by free buses. Passengers who will be transported from one station to another by buses will be able to continue their travels free of charge to Kızılay and Koru stations by taking the Koru Metro, which is extended to AKM Station. The new regulation will be applied bilaterally in the same way.

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