Transfer Implementation Started in Batıkent Metro

Transfer Application Started in Batıkent Metro: Transfer application started in Batıkent Metro. Passengers between Ataturk Cultural Center and Akköprü stations are transported mutually free of charge by the Metropolitan Municipality EGO buses.

The connection work between Keçiören Metro and Batıkent Metro, which is under construction by the Ministry of Transport, will take 2 months. During the connection work, the transfer application is carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality in order to minimize the suffering of the passengers. Within the scope of the application, passengers are transported between the two stations free of charge and without interruption, and continue on their way by metro.

With the new arrangement introduced, passengers taking the metro from Sincan and Batıkent get off at Akköprü Station and move to the next station, Atatürk Cultural Center Station (AKM), with free buses waiting.

Passengers who reach the AKM station by buses from the station they take off can continue their journey free of charge to Kızılay and Koru stations by taking the Koru Metro, which is extended to AKM Station.

Metro passengers going from Kızılay to Batıkent will also get off at AKM Station and continue their journey in Batıkent-Sincan direction by reaching the next stop, Ak Köprü Station, with buses waiting for them.

Passengers are transported by AKM-Akkopru stations to the AKM area on a double-sided basis, without getting into traffic, in the AKM area.

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