Batıkent-Kızılay subway line in the main horror Monday

Batıkent-Kızılay metro line of the main horror Monday: Batıkent-Kızılay metro line in the new arrangement that will last 2 month began yesterday. Passengers descending from the metro in Akkopru said, u We are worried about Monday kadar.

The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications started yesterday morning and announced that it will take 2 months due to the connection work with the Ankara Underground and Batikent Metro, Ankara residents woke up to the day with the subway.

Passengers who had taken the metro from Sincan and Batıkent, moved to Akköprü Station and moved to the next station with EGO buses belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality for a single stop distance. Despite the weekend, the first day of the application, attracting the attention of large-scale citizens, "We are concerned about Monday," he said.

Many citizens who are not aware of the arrangement in the subway line of Batikent-Kızılay, after getting off the subway received information about the route of the transfer bus. The EGO officials also informed the citizens about the parallel road and the Akkopru Station, where the transfer buses were located throughout the day, in order not to suffer.


Batuhan Alacak said that he was not aware of the new regulation and said, ecek 2 will continue the new arrangement during the month and we need to leave early in the morning to prevent any loss of time. I hope the work is completed in a shorter time than expected. Most of us are late for the places we want to reach. Ç


University student Aycan Yatar said that he was leaving the house in a hurry to reach his school, he was late for the exam due to the loss when he lived, and he showed his reaction as follows: I'm late for my test. It was my only choice, but I can't afford it. Buna


An Iranian tourist named Arash Hacı said that he could not understand the new arrangement on the subway he used regularly. He said da I don't speak Turkish and there is no warning sign other than Turkish. I didn't understand why we got off the subway. I walked with the crowd and tried to understand the situation. As a result, I was late to reach the point. Sonuç

Sedat Cenikli, our reporter, who took the metro yesterday morning with the people of Ankara, explains the new arrangement in the Batıkent Metro and the first day of the passengers' troubles as follows:
Yeni Those who think that they will land in Kızılay and who are unaware of the new arrangement come down from the metro with the announcements in the station. Hundreds of passengers go to the AKM area as pedestrians with directions to the 'bus transport area' and directions of security guards. Passengers board the buses for free. Buses are going to the AKM station by going to the new road opened in the AKM area. The 6 wagon starts, continues the journey by bus, continues with the 3 wagon-on-highway Metro which is extended to AKM Station. Addition to the density due to the carrying capacity falling to half, and the fact that the boarding and boarding is on the same side, the transfer ordeal turns to the rush. 3 wagoners who have managed to get to the Guard Metro, fish courses continue to travel. For those who can not, 5 awaits the second subway.


A stopover between the Akköprü-AKM stations of the citizens who managed to get on the first subway ride takes 15, while the second metro ride takes 22 minutes. While the transfer journey ends at the Kızılay, the metro station 'Dear passengers will continue our train towards Koru' is being announced. Some of the passengers landed in Kızılay, the metro continues to Koru. In

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