Mayor Genç, Samsun-Iraq Railway should be implemented

Mayor Genç, Samsun-Iraq Railroad should be implemented: Canik Mayor Osman Genç, who recently gave 14 Gold Proposal for Samsun, called geçiril common mind ti for Samsun after the bulunan 2023 Common Mind için meeting. Young, uz We put our hands under the stone. Let's be unity for our city, let's develop a common mind. Gelin

Canik Mayor Osman Genç, who recently made an 14 Gold Proposal for Samsun, called the N common mind Öner for Samsun after the “2023 Common Mind Başkan meeting. Young, uz We put our hands under the stone. Let's be unity for our city, let's develop a common mind. Gelin

Economy Minister Mustafa Elitaş with Youth and Sports Minister Aquifer Chagatay Sword which also included "2023 Common Mind" meeting and attend the opening of Turkey's second largest aluminum cable factory made by the Exchange Group Canik Mayor Osman Young, to reach Samsun 2023 target he said it was imperative to be a common mind and unity. In the Economy Workshop organized by the Municipality, Samsun was found in the 14 Golden Proposal for Samsun to be a strategic base. Let us be unity for our city. Gelin


Pointing out that Samsun has every potential and advantage to reach its targets, Genç said, ekonom The world economy is reshaping and it is developing in the 4 axis including East, West, North and South. The developments in the world and Turkey 2023, 2053 and 2071 goals offers new opportunities to Samsun. However, despite all the advantages of our city, we do not have unity as a city and if we do not realize common reason, it will be very difficult to reach the targets. We can evaluate the opportunities in front of Samsun, which is the gateway of Anatolia to Europe and Russia, but with the common mind. Anadolu


Samsun reminded the 14 gold suggestion for Young,, Holistic Master Plan, Security, Large Organized Industrial Zone, Logistics Village, Transfer Port, Regional Passenger and Cargo Airport, Large Free Trade Zone, Railway (Samsun-Batumi and Samsun-Iraq Railway) , 2. and 3. State Universities, Meeting of Information in Industry with Industry, Improvement of Land Reform and Agricultural Industry, Improvement of District and Central Transportation, Establishment of Medical OIZ and Support of Medical Sector, New City Center will make Samsun the strategic base in the next 100 annual process. However, in addition to these suggestions, the most important is the city as politicians, mayors, bureaucrats and civil society organizations. Because it is very difficult to reach the goals of the city without the common reason, Çünkü he said.


Stating that Samsun, which is located at an advantageous point of global transportation and logistics axes, should be transformed into a regional center in the logistics and combined transportation sector. At least 20 million square meters of OSB should be established between Çarşamba and the Airport. Again, this region should be constructed as the Great Free Trade Zone in Aqaba, Jordan. The passenger and cargo capacity of the airport should be increased and the region should be the airport. Samsun-Iraq Railway should be implemented. The railway from Kurtalan district of Batman to Zaho, Iraq should be extended. In addition, the Fast Freight and Passenger Train Line between Samsun and Batumi must be established. These suggestions will make our city a strategic base and Samsun will come to the place it deserves. While we are experiencing the 4th industrial revolution, we have to raise our mind structure to the 4th level as Samsun ”.


Samsun's most important companies in borsan'ıntürkiye'n's second-largest aluminum cable factory opening has also participated in President Young, he said: "One of the best examples of what you can do in this city when the front of investors opened, and when confidence is the stock market. As a result of opening the way for health investment in our district, we have brought the biggest private health center of the Black Sea to our city. Now is the second largest aluminum cable factory opened in our city in Turkey. These are good things for our city. As managers of this city, we have to reassure the businessmen and investors of this city, we must open the way for investments. In this regard, I congratulate Mr. Adnan Ölmez, the Chairman of Borsan Group, who has given new investments to our city. Bu

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