Balcovans united in Inciralti and Izkaray

Balçovalı are İnciraltı and merged in İzkaray: Turkey's president is the only woman of the three political district town of Urla, İnciraltı 2. Generation Land Owners Platform, AK PARTY, CHP and MHP District Presidents, together with non-governmental organizations signed a joint work.

The 2nd Generation Landowners Platform is determined to bring İnciraltı, which is a candidate for EXPO twice and admired and admired by the whole world, and the Gulf Transition Project. The 2nd Generation Landowners Platform, which wants the project to be implemented as soon as possible and to be a new symbol for Izmir by bringing it to Izmir and the country's economy, has signed a joint work with AK Party, CHP, MHP Balçova District Directorates and non-governmental organizations. The 2nd Generation Landowners Platform, AK Party, CHP, MHP and non-governmental organizations said, "We want the Gulf Transition Project to our Balçova." Of the project sözcüStating that they are the last remaining landowners of İnciraltı, Tayfun Karabulut, the President of the 2nd Generation Landowners Platform, said, “We, as the 40nd generation, follow the planning processes after our 1st generation, which has not been finalized for 2 years and has aged in the planning process. For so many years, we have always followed the planning process from outside, as if we were watching a football game. In this process, we did not rebel against any city manager or governments, we did not lose our trust. Even though we, who lived in Balçova, seemed to be divided on the map with the construction of the Çeşme Highway years ago, we always became one… We always hosted our İnciralt when İzmir was happy or unhappy. Until this time, we have not built or built slums in our land. We tried to protect our citrus gardens. However, agriculture is no longer possible in İnciraltı. We, as İnciraltı landowners, have been patient and waited for 40 years and now we invite everyone who loves İzmir and its country to be with us ”.


Ata As those who live here or on the territory of the country, we expect a quick objectionless approach to planning. İzkaray Project is a project that will add value to Balçovamız and İzmir. In addition, the gulf transition project will provide a great benefit to the future of Izmir; besides the clock tower; It will be another beautiful symbol of İzmir. It will also make a great contribution to Izmir traffic. There was a great unity here. Balçovamız, where people from many different cultures come together and live together in unity and solidarity, has always been an exemplary district. Today is also signing the partnership will be an example to Turkey. Turkey also Justice and Development Party (AK Party), the Republican People's Party (CHP) and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), which is the only place is the district head all the ladies Balçovamız. This valuable contacts with political parties represented at the same time also represent all of Turkey. AK Party District Chairman Evrim Özen, CHP District Chairman Aygül Eryılmaz, MHP District Chairman Ülkü Doğan and representatives of the prominent civil society organizations of Balçova, we, together with İnciraltı, want the Balçovamız project. We are very proud to announce this commitment to our Izmir and Turkey.



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