Antalya's New Trams Coming (Photo Gallery)

Antalya's New Trams Are Coming: The trams purchased for AntRay's Meydan-Airport-Expo rail system extension line are coming to Antalya.

The first of the 18 new rail system vehicles purchased by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality to be operated on the Meydan-Airport-Expo rail system line, which is being built by the Ministry of Transport, will be in Antalya in a few days.

The first of the Hyundai Eurotem brand trams set off from the factory in Sakarya to Antalya. The first produced tram, which will come to Antalya in a few days, will be lowered to the rails at Antray Depot Center in Kepez. After various controls, the new tramway vehicle will start test drives on the Meydan-Airport-Expo line, which is about to be built.

Delivery of Rail System Vehicles:
2 vehicle in April 4 vehicle in May 4 vehicle in July will be delivered to 4 vehicles in September and 4 pieces Rail System Vehicle in November to be the 18 vehicle.

Hyundai Eurotem won the 2015-vehicle tram tender held in August 18. The rail system vehicles made by the company are generally the same as the rail system vehicles of Hyundai Rotem, which is also its subsidiary. This company is the Hyundai firms doing rail to various municipal and corporate structure and system tools built in partnership with TCDD in Turkey. Hyundai Eurotem produces the rail system vehicles of Marmaray and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

Who is Hyundai Eurotem?
EUROTEM Hyundai, Korea's Hyundai Rotem and Hyundai Corporation, TCDD from Turkey, was established in partnership with 2006 TÜVASAŞ and Haco companies. The company produces a variety of high-speed train and tram sets and rail vehicles in Turkey.




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