The reason for the train crash in Germany computer game

The cause of the train crash in Germany is the computer game: An officer responsible for the traffic control of the train was detained in connection with the train accident in Germany in which 11 people died in February.

Prosecutors suspect that the detainee is distracted by a computer game he plays during the accident.

According to prosecutors, the controller on his mobile phone gave a bad signal and called the wrong emergency number.

German media reported that the officer's statement in this direction.

Near Bad Aibling in the German state of Bavaria, two trains collided nose-to-nose on a single track and fell off the track.

11 people killed in the accident, some were heavily injured by 85 passengers.
Signal system disabled

If found guilty of 'unintentional manslaughter', the detained officer could face up to five years in prison.

Both trains were traveling at about 60 km / h when they collided at Bad Aibling, 100 kilometers southeast of Munich.

According to investigative officials speaking to the German media, the video game and the timing of the accident indicate that the suspect may have been distracted in the management of railway traffic at the intersection of trains.

There is an automatic signal system on the rail track designed to stop the train passing the 'stop' sign.

However, the German media, the eastern line and a delayed train passes to pass the system is transferred.

Authorities carrying out the investigation, trains or signal systems, said there was no error.

The ages of those killed in the accident vary between 24 and 59.



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