Minister Yıldırım Called Citizens Channel Istanbul

Minister Yıldırım's Call for Citizens Channel Istanbul: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yildirim stated that the preparations for Kanal Istanbul were largely over and that there would be one of five different routes identified. . There are several routes. It's one of them. But I would advise the citizen not to gamble. Ama

After the inauguration ceremony of the Irmak-Karabük-Zonguldak train network, Minister Binali Yildirim, moving to Zonguldak by high-speed train, answers the questions of journalists in the train. The preparations for the Channel Istanbul is largely completed the Minister Yıldırım, the citizens of the region, ın There are several routes. It's one of them. But I advise the citizen not to gamble Ama.

UM The Channel Istanbul project was announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as a ılgın Crazy Project X. Minister Yıldırım said, İstanbul Kanal İstanbul is a very important project called ”Crazy Project tanıt which was announced by our President in our 2011. Many studies have been carried out to this day. The preparations are largely over. From now on, it is time to complete the work required for the application. The need for legal regulation arose. Our ministry does not need any additional legal authority to make Kanal Istanbul. But in terms of expropriation in terms of expropriation, we made amendments to the zoning law for the zoning regulations. We also changed the pasture law. It is an arrangement that allows the shares allocated to the public to be separated as public partnership shares not only on roads but also on waterways and on the water track. The other is pastures. The channel will be able to be used directly in Istanbul without a separate expropriation fee. The preparations are largely over. We are creating the model. Taking into account the attraction areas as a model, this type of calculations are made to make the project economically feasible. Of course, the course will be explained at the beginning. Everyone will learn. There are several routes. It's one of them. But I advise the citizen not to gamble. It's not something different. There will be one of those routes. Our whole idea is to make it through highways. Their experience is more. There are 7 bridges when you make the channel. Channel construction is a business in itself. There's a path to TEM, there's a D100 path. What will be the way that the channel opens the transportation should not be interrupted. It's a separate part of it. There is not a situation that will contradict the straits or create a problem there. Montreux separate. Straits are standing there. Nobody's taking her anywhere. It's definitely a build-operate-transfer. Its also have various models. Sometimes you keep the time constant, you race other elements. Now a preliminary project. The contractor will prepare the original application project. He'il do it in a week. Bir

Pointing out that the transformation process from transportation to logistics has started in Turkey, Minister Yıldırım said, “We have come to a point beyond the transportation of goods from one normal point to another or as goods. We call this logistics. The transformation process from transportation to logistics has started in Turkey. In fact, we started to pronounce the concept of logistics more in Turkey since 2004. Logistics centers were planned and built in both the private sector and the public sector, especially the railways. We decided to build logistics centers in the main centers where there are more than 20 railways. 7 of them are finished and put into service. Some of them are still under construction. Some of them are still in the planning process. At the same time, land logistics centers, especially free zones, Kazanlogistics center in Halkalı, Isparta Tower is planned. Opened in Samsun. Denizli has been opened. Kemalpaşa was opened. In Izmir Kemalpasa, the infrastructure of a very large logistics center is over and its superstructure will be constructed. We have to understand that logistics. Not only where the product is loaded and unloaded, but also storage, labeling, customs clearance, some pre-fabrication can be done in a sense, even in the logistics center, depolan he said.

Turkey is the world's four on one side of a position is stated that the Minister Binali Yildirim blend of human movement, "Turkey as well as the location is very good. Located on the Silk Road through the history of Turkey, as well logistics between east and west, north and south of the place where the burden of human movement and direction. So Turkey is taking sure steps towards becoming a logistical base. 30 country takes its place among the world's Turkey. But not enough. Turkey is a country suitable to all kinds of transportation. Aviation pattern can be reached to 53 country by three hours flight. You have the chance to go all over the world with a sea pattern of an Anatolian, a peninsula in the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Marmara Sea and the straits. The only way to open the Black Sea to the Mediterranean, the ocean, the Atlantic and the Far East. and Kars-Tbilisi-Baku railway through the iron, as well Marmaray and Yavuz Sultan Selim will be held on the rail system, Turkey is also on the railway brings an indispensable point, "he said.

Minister reminded that the world's largest airport in Istanbul Yildirim underlined that Turkey has become a center of aviation. Minister Yıldırım, "has become the aviation hub in Turkey. We made the world's largest airport in Istanbul. 2003 in Europe at Istanbul airport 14. was ranked. Last year 61.5 was the third with a million passengers. Probably the third time again next year. We have Paris in front of us, we have Paris. Third Istanbul. So in aviation one more thing, we had 2 million transit passengers. We currently have 2003 million transit passengers at 24. This shows that Turkey has become a center of aviation. We also built 26 airport on the domestic airport. So the airway was the way of the people. In many cities without air transportation, these facilities are now being used. Turkey has become virtually throughout the flight done from anywhere, "he said.

Ministers drew attention to the strategic location of Turkey Yildirim, the finished by saying:
"Turkey is no oil, no gas, but oil also has a strategic location in the natural gas transported from east to west. Natural gas TANAP, GAP, Shahdeniz project Kars-Tbilisi-Ceyhan project, many railway projects such as power transmission lines, fiber access lines and scattered all coming out here to the four corners of Turkey. These are the comparative advantages of our country. In addition, we have a young and dynamic population. The brain is our strength, which is one of our most important values ​​for our future as Turkey. "

TCDD General Manager of the Minister Yıldırım İsa Apaydın, TGNA Strategic Office Responsible HASAN Ozgur Ozen, Zonguldak Governor Ali Kaban, Ak Party Zonguldak MPs Hüseyin Özbakır and Özcan Ulupınar and Provincial Police Director Osman Ak as well as protocol members were accompanied.

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