The Intelligence Game of Princes will be played in Mangala, Train Library

Prince's Brain Game will be played at Mangala, Tren Library: Tren Library, which was opened in Çankırı in the past weeks, has started to host many events.

The Train Library, which was opened in Çankırı in the past weeks, has started to host many events. Tren Library, which has managed to attract the attention of children with its different design, is preparing to become the address of the intelligence game of the princes.

Applications for the 'Award Mangala Tournament' organized by the Çankırı Municipality in cooperation with the Provincial Directorate of National Education and coordinated by the Ahmet Mecbur Efendi Science and Art Center will continue until Monday, April 18. Applications will be made by filling out the form to be obtained from Ahmet Mecbur Efendi Science and Art Center and schools. Those who submit the completed forms to Ahmet Mecbur Efendi BİLSEM are entitled to participate in the tournament. kazanwill ache. The competition will consist of two categories, primary school and secondary school.
All primary and secondary school students in Çankırı will be able to participate in the award-winning Mangala Tournament.

The Turkish intelligence and strategy game mangala, which has a history of 4 thousand years, is a game played with 48 stones, on the game board, there are 6 small wells, 12 of which are opposite each other, and a big treasure well for each player to collect their stones. Players try to collect the most stones in their treasury (in their own big well). At the end of the game, the player who collects the most stones from his opponent sets that set. kazanit's getting worse.

Thanks to the tournament, planning, organization, attention, focus, discrimination, foresight, etc. factors related to personality development such as continuing the work to the end, perseverance, empathy, resistance, and struggle. kazanis also foreseen.

Awards are waiting for the students who are placed in the tournament. The first will be given a mangala team and a 10 ″ tablet PC, the second a 7 ″ tablet PC, the third a gift voucher (150 TL). All students participating in the contest will have a certificate of participation.

Tournament 21 April 2016 will be held on Thursday between 13.30 and 17.00 at Çankırı Municipality Train Library.

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