President Erdoğan announces 3.

President Erdogan gave the date of bonuses to workers 3.Köpr: 3 in Istanbul, Turkey's mega projects to bridge the delights of workers in the construction jackpot news came from the President Erdogan. Erdogan said he will get bonuses for bonuses before Ramadan.

The response came from President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's news about the 3rd Bridge's workers' news that the promise of the award given by the contractor company was not kept.

In the statement made by the ICA İçtaş Astaldi Partnership, which received the tender for the construction of the bridge, it was announced that the promised bonus will be given before the Ramadan as promised. The statement said: “The bonuses of the workers who have been dismissed due to the completion of work are paid following their official notifications. Work on the projects continues as planned. ”

President Erdoğan 3. In relation to the workers working on the bridge construction, he had made the promise of bonuses at the ceremony of placing the last decks. The ICA company said it would keep its promise.

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