Information About Tradesman Tram Line in Izmit

Information on Tradesman Tram Line in Izmit: Within the scope of the Akçaray tram project ongoing at many points by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, the tradesmen and citizens of the region were informed about the infrastructure works to be started in Mehmet Ali Paşa Neighborhood and Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard.

Answering the questions of the tradesmen and citizens, Metropolitan Deputy Secretary General Gökmen Mengüç said, “Every point that the tramway works passes will be an attraction. During this period, we will take measures against all your problems. For your advice, requests and wishes, our phones will be open 24 hours a day. " said.

Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Gökmen Mengüç, Head of Department of Transportation Mustafa Altay, Head of Press and Public Relations Department Hasan Yılmaz, Deputy Mayor of İzmit Municipality İbrahim Bulut, Rail Systems Branch Manager Ahmet Çelebi, executives of Metropolitan Municipality, Mehmet Ali Pasha neighborhood tradesmen and citizens attended. At the information meeting, firstly, a simulation demonstration was given in which detailed information was given about the routes to which the tram line will pass.

Following the simulation demonstration, Ahmet Çelebi, Head of Department of Transportation Systems, gave information about tram infrastructure and superstructure works in Mehmet Ali Paşa Mahallesi and Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard. Çelebi explained the regions where the works will be carried out and the dates of the work, the alternative routes to which the traffic flow will be provided and the participants with a presentation.

After the presentation, Deputy Secretary General Mengüç, who provided the phones of the people who can be contacted during the studies, said: “We organize information meetings so that you do not leave any question marks in your mind. We will be constantly in the tram work areas. You can call these phones 24 hours a day for any complaints or problems that need to be solved instantly. We will take the necessary measures to overcome all kinds of problems that will make the lives of our tradesmen and citizens in the region difficult. We will definitely have some problems due to tram construction. But after a few months, the lives of our tradesmen and citizens will change positively in all aspects. "

Answering the questions of the tradesmen in the region, Deputy Secretary General Mengüç said, “There will be an order for public transportation by tram. The points where the tram line will pass will be an attraction. In a way, there will be urban renewal. Vehicle traffic will decrease. Our plans are ready for parking spaces in areas that need parking. We will also create pockets for the need for instant parking. Citizens will be able to walk comfortably on the sidewalks where there is a tram line. We will create sidewalks at least 2 meters wide. The face of the region will also change with the renewal of both the substructure and superstructure. At least 30 years of infrastructure need will be met. " used the expressions.

Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard, along with tramway works will be done in the facade improvements to the Deputy Secretary General Gökmen Mengüç'e district tradesmen and citizens thanked. Tradesmen and citizens, thanks to the meeting said they learned more clearly about the work, a very important project for Kocaeli, the city will add value to the tram, he added.

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