The effects of YHT on tourism in Eskişehir

In Eskişehir, the effects of HRT on tourism were investigated: Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce (ETO), which acts with the principle of hareket Eskişehir Growing Economy hareket, has achieved another first. In the ini Eskişehir Economy Camp y ETO, which brings together the leading names and famous academics of the business world, has published the manifesto of the economy.

Metin Güler, President of Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce, who gave information to TUYED management, stated that the 15 page details of the Manifesto will be announced to the public in the coming days. Güler says that they are preparing a road map for the development of the city and its economy. In the 2023 5 billion dollars export target of Eskisehir, stressed that the lead actor in Turkey's future with the falling 14 thousand dollars per capita income.

Eskişehir Economics Camp organized, Eskisehir How can we make the world star, can increase if we do what the brand value Güler emphasized that answers the question, "What we panels and the workshops developing world a greater Turkey and that what should be done for Eskisehir academics and leading our business people We evaluated together, ile he added.

The effects of HRT on tourism

Güler reminded that they are working to get the share they deserve from tourism and summarized the results of High Speed ​​Train's (YHT) Survey of Effects to Eskişehir: Esk Ademn of academicians with scientific surveys carried out with 3 people, Ademite, passenger profile coming to Eskişehir, information about what the passengers want and what investors should do yol.

Transition to Eskişehir on the day of the 40 of the passengers coming with YHT said that the statement continued President Güler said: 'We find it difficult for passengers to stay in Eskişehir. In the next period, the route of Sivas, Izmir, Bursa and Konya and 20 passengers will pass through Eskişehir. The book will contribute greatly to the traders, industrialists and our people. It will also make an important contribution to the cultural life of the city. Yine

The majority of those using YHT were educated, equipped with high school and university degrees. Güler said, bir Looking at the findings, Eskişehir has a perception that it is a suitable city for holidays. After YHT, the rate of arrival in Eskişehir increased by 98. 40 of the arrivals comes for holiday and amusement, with friends visiting relatives this rate reaches 75. On the day of arrivals, 35 will stay at 3 for more than 50 days. Eskişehir family has a perception of a city suitable for holiday, there is a perception of a city that can come for the weekend. The number of 5 star hotels in Kente and the desire of foreigners to open a hotel is increasing rapidly, Kent he said.


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