Today in History: 17 April 1969 Contract Signed for Construction of Rumeli Railways

The first railway line where Made in Turkey
The first railway line where Made in Turkey

Railway Today in History

17 April 1869 A contract was signed with Baron Maurice de Hirsch, who was originally a Hungarian Jew, Brussels Bankers for the construction of the Rumeli Railways. A separate contract was signed with Pavlin Talabat, acting on behalf of the Austrian Southern Railways Company (Porthole), owned by the famous banker Rothdchild, to operate the line when the construction was finished. On the same date, a contract was made between Baron Hirsh and Talabot.

April 17, 1925 Ankara Yahsihan Line (86 km) was put into operation. In 1914, the construction of the Ministry of Defense started. The unfinished line started again on December 10, 1923, with the groundbreaking of President M. Kemal Pasha, and completed the Contractor Şevki Niyazi Dağdelence.

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