President Altepe Tramway Line Cut Trees

For the project that will take the tram from the City Square to the Terminal, cutting the trees in the central street of Istanbul Caddesi has caused public grief.
Recep Altepe, the Mayor of the city, firstly assured the city in his approach to the issue:
Önemli Istanbul Street project is very important. We are setting up a beautiful system between Kent Meydanı-Otogar. There will be uninterrupted rail transport. City Square, Beşyol, Fairs are being made. The 9 station will run like a tram shuttle. X
Or We want to do the best of everything, iy he said and continued:
. We are planting large trees, not saplings. In Hüdavendigar Park, we planted thousands of trees at the age of the youngest, 12. 70 has old pines. We moved someone else, bought some. Kim
And then Sonra
Regarding the trees cut in Istanbul Street, he said, kes Trees that did not have the advantage of being transported like acacia were cut here İstanbul and explained:
Ağaç There will be single row trees according to the project. No one worries, we bring the most beautiful trees there. 30-40 changes the way with trees. X
He added:
Iyor If you pay attention, the summer view of Bursa is changing. We plant large trees in every corner, and their numbers are constantly increasing. We also care about middle refuges and we see the trees in the city's accessories. Orta

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