5 thousand people go to work by bicycle in Izmir

5 thousand people go to work on bicycles in Izmir: Some doctors, some lawyers, some lecturers and some civil servants. Approximately 5 thousand people in İzmir go to workplaces by bicycle without any excuse for their work clothes and huge briefcases, and encourage the use of bicycles with the community they have established.

Members of the bicycle groups that gathered on weekends and evenings in Izmir realized that after a while everyone went to their work places by bicycle. Thereupon, hundreds of people, who created a page on the social networking site under the name "Those Going to Work in Izmir by Bicycle", started to share their bike journeys. As the awareness of the page increased, the use of bicycles increased and the number of members of the community reached 5 thousand.

Thousands of people from different professions such as doctors, lecturers, lawyers, painters, civil servants go cycling with their suits or other work clothes. Many bicycle lovers wear a briefcase that he uses at work behind his bike and embarks on a healthy, eco-friendly and economical journey.

“Bicycle is not just a report card gift”

Lawyer Hüseyin Tekeli, who is only one of the 5 people who go to work with his bike, comes from his home in Bornova by bicycle and comes to his office in Alsancak district in Konak district. Tekeli, who has parked his bike in a room in his office, says that he used his own car to go to work only on very rainy days. “I live in Bornova and go to work in Alsancak. Tekeli said that the bicycle is not just a report card for children, it is the most modern, environmentally friendly and healthiest means of transportation in the world.

“I arrive earlier than by car”

Noting that the distance between the house and the workplace is 7,5 kilometers, Tekeli said, “Someone who overcomes this distance with his vehicle in the morning traffic cannot go to work before me. I arrive earlier than by car. I have no loss in time. You do a total of 1 hour free exercise in the morning and evening. You benefit from situations such as gasoline fee, ticket fee, parking fee. Local governments also have the necessary work for bicycle routes. Currently, you can enter İzmir Metro and İZBAN by bicycle. Bicycle attachments will also be attached to the buses. Everything happened over time and I am just one of these people. We have a lot of friends who work harder than we do. ”

“In 2008, they would yell 'Joe' behind us”

Tekeli stated that the use of bicycles increased over the years and continued as follows:
“When we got on the bike in 2008 and put on a helmet on our head, they were shouting from our friend, 'Joe', 'Mike'. They considered us foreign, but now it has become a very natural thing. We hope to see that all over Izmir is covered with bicycle roads and people use the bike a lot. We do our transportation in a healthy way and we do not harm the environment. Our benefits are beneficial to the environment by not burning fuel. Our economic benefits are touching. We also get a fit look by doing our daily sport. ”

Going with his bike

Mehmet Koyuncu, Faculty Member of Ege University Faculty of Science and Letters, Department of Psychology, travels to the university by bicycle. Koyuncu, who first leaves his child in school, then takes his bicycle from his home and takes the road of the university, also helps his friends who use bicycles and have trouble with their car owners in traffic. Koyuncu, who easily resolves the fights that may occur in case of a possible accident hazard due to his being a psychologist, said, “The way of communication in traffic is generally in the form of conflict. It was my friend who was somehow injured. While doing this, we should have a new argument for vehicle drivers. If you tell them 'I could just die and I was so scared', believe that they are freezing. Because they are not prepared for this. “It was very useful for our friends who were using bicycles to improve this behavior,” he said.

“I set an example for my students”

Stating that there are people of all professions among them, and even their friends who do bicycle repair when their bikes need repair, Koyuncu said, “We are all equal and we do not have a leader. This is the best. Cycling is actually a way of reflecting a way of life. It started as a hobby and later became a vehicle that saved us from vehicle traffic. We all use the bike not only because it's easy, but also because we love it. There are positive reactions that see me at the university and say, "You are the person who came on the bike." I set an example for my students. I do this work for myself and being doing this feeds my soul. ”

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