3. Selfie view on the bridge

  1. Selfie view on the bridge: It is aimed to open the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and motorways in August. Nowadays the historical Yoros Castle, adjacent to the bridge, has turned into a selfie terrace overlooking the bridge. The public is pleased, but says, ın These beautiful forests don't disappear.

When you look at the old paintings of Istanbul, you see that the painters are affected by the natural waterway that divides the old city, the Bosphorus. Hundreds of year-old paintings are sailing from the hills of the Bosphorus to the sailing yachts, the Halic hills of the historical peninsula or Galata has a view. You will understand that the Istanbul cruise terrace is a country with plenty. Nowadays, there are many high and strange structures that cut the wind of the city and disrupt the landscape; but the cruise areas still offer a unique visual banquet.

  1. The bridge

If you travel to the historical Anatolian Kavağı village (now a neighborhood) in a small bay, where the Bosphorus opens to the Black Sea, you have reached a different looking terrace. This is the Yoros Castle. The castle built by the Romans was also an important headquarters of the Ottoman Empire. Kale is a splendid stone building that has a strategic importance throughout the history of the Bosphorus. Nowadays, he is preparing to undergo major repairs and cleaning is still being done. We hope the repair is not like Şile Castle! When you look from the fortress of Yoros, you observe how the waters of the Bosphorus flow with the determination to reach the Black Sea. Argonauts in the pursuit of the Golden Post in mythology, 'the talking rocks' encountered in these waters. If you have a little knowledge, you're free to dream about it! They say, "Like a plate," 3. That's the bridge. Those coming to the castle of Yoros watch the bridge view connecting the sides of the two continents for the third time.

Some of them take selfies with their mobile phones, some of them with the camera lie on the bridge. Soru I think this is the exact place to ask questions about the Third Bridge and connection ways to the people lar. A young husband and wife, they live in Istanbul, said they came to see the bridge.

Mehmet Kervan “The bridge was good; How to solve the traffic in Istanbul. For example, how will this place be connected to the second bridge and the first bridge roads? Ina he asks me a question. Acak Valla is connected to TEM in a way how to connect to Ataşehir? I don't know Bil. Iyor Yes, thousands of new vehicles are in traffic. The city will be the way all the way, ”he answers by asking again. Orum This citizen asks a lot of questions, 'he murmurs, approaching a family from Adapazari. Dad does not give names and. It is beautiful with everything. Transportation is very important for this country, çok he says. “Just drive trucks and trucks. Istanbul is relaxed. İstanbul I also add, "There is a railroad." I Yes, I wish I had it on others. There wouldn't be a problem with public transport in Istanbul. Yüksek There are young people around; but the bridge doesn't care much about them. “We came here by ferry. If you don't have a car, you should let the ferry down. In

Protect the forests

Most of the arrivals enjoy the architecture of the bridge and its giant feet. Lazım When the bridge was done, you no longer need to protect the surrounding forests. I hope it's protected. I don't want these buildings to be filled with structures, ar says Ali Berkin of young people. . I don't want Anadolu Kavağı to look similar to Ortaköy ”. Anadolu I'm 21. I'm a student at ITU. I'm stuck. Every day new buildings are revealed. This is a historic city. You see, brother, nature is beautiful güzel There are a lot of places in Anatolia. They should move industry or something. Let Istanbul be a real capital of culture. Kültür There is nothing to say. Stuck between the sea and Yoros Castle, the city is the oldest fishing village in the history of Anatolian Kavağı. Once upon a time there was no way. What will the bridge change in Kavak?

  1. bridge road route

The total length of the motorway, which takes the ISTANBUL from the north to almost halfway, is 116 kilometers. On the way there is 64 viaduct. Viaduct construction was preferred due to both the expropriation value and the forest. The route is as follows:


The road that connects to the European side with the third Bosphorus Bridge passes through Uskumruköy and Demirciköy after Garipçe and enters Belgrad Forests behind Arıköy. After Odayeri and Ağaçlı villages are finished, the area extends from Tayakadın and Baklalı to Hadımköy. Then it proceeds through the fields in Çatalca İnceğiz, north of Büyükçekmece Lake and ends at the exit of TEM Motorway Kınalı at the third airport in Silivri Gazitepe.


According to the approved plan, the third ring road starts from Gebze Şekerpınar Balcık. The road passing through a point close to Akfırat Tepeören and Kurnaköy turnout is progressing through the forested areas of Sultanbeyli. It passes into the Alemdağ Forest after passing through the areas of Şamandıra and Alemdağ. Beykoz is connected to Ishaklı, Paşamandıra, Riva and Poyrazköy.


The rail system on the bridge will carry passengers from Edirne to Izmit. Atatürk Airport, Sabiha Gökçen Airport and the new 3 with rail system to be integrated with Marmaray and İstanbul Metro. The airport will also be connected.



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