3.Köprü attracted foreigners

The foreigner was also interested in the bridge: KPMG Romania President Serban Toader, on the Danube River, said that a bridge 3.Köprü needed.

International Auditing and Consulting Company KPMG Romania's President Serban Toader, referring to Turkey's experience, "at least with the Danube bridge and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge as we need a bridge." said.

Toader, work agenda in Turkey and Romania and arrived in Istanbul at the invitation of KPMG Turkey Romania Panel to discuss joint business opportunities in both countries.

Toader explained the opportunities in Romania.

'It would be to Turkey's benefit'

Referring to the need for bridges over the Danube River in Romania, Toader stated that the largest part of the Danube River is in Romania, and the Romanian-Bulgarian border is the 45 part of the river.

The Danube river poured striking de Toader, Romania's Black Sea, both stressing that Turkey's access, "the task is loaded in Romania's water transportation area is quite important. In particular, any kind of cooperation in the field of transport is a development potential that can be realized will only be to the benefit of many countries, including Turkey not to Romania's benefit. " he spoke.

3.Köprü attracted attention

Toader said, “The Danube River also has few bridges and a bridge such as Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge is needed. Turkey's experience when considering the Danube where possible contributions to offer investors in Turkey can be done in such a bridge attracts our attention on us, "he said.

It assessing also from Turkey that records should be kept in mind that many truck and the vehicle went to Romania in terms of transport Toader, Turkish entrepreneurs that already operate for significant infrastructure work near the Danube told.

Toader argued that any project on the Danube river would indirectly benefit the entire European Union (EU).

He said that more bridges to be built on the river mean that transportation will be more eco-friendly here, at this point the increase in the number of bridges will contribute not only to the trade and transportation industries but also to the tourism industry.

Turkish and Romanian companies can cooperate

Stating that Romania is a country with great potential in many fields, Toader stated that one of the most important industries in the country is information technology.
Toader expressed that in Romania, various tax advantages and incentives are offered to those who offer development services in information technologies.

In terms of infrastructure development, there are possible opportunities for cooperation between Turkish and Romanian companies. He also drew attention to the fact that the Romanian Government has many projects to develop infrastructure.

Stating that there are important opportunities in different sectors in Romania, Toader said, “One of the most important points is Romania, a member of the European Union (EU). This gives Turkish investors the advantage of easily spreading their investments from Romania to the European Union, and developing distribution networks. According to the data we obtained from the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 14 thousand firms of Turkish origin operate in Romania. From the perspective of Romania, Turkey, when non-EU countries is viewed as one of the most important countries in terms of volume carried out by Romania on the basis of their relations and trade relations shows itself as the 5th largest country. Referring to Turkey is one of Romania's most important trading partners in Europe, South Turkey, "he said.

- "isolated while Romania was one of our most important trade partner Turkey. Romanians never forget this ”

Explaining that he has serious works with many Turkish companies operating in Romania as KPMG, Toader stated that they have good relations with many Turkish investors in Romania.

Toader said that Turkish companies are particularly interested in the audit services provided by KPMG. However, Toader stated that especially the different services they offer have started to come to the fore, and one of them is tax consultancy services.

Explaining that Turkish companies are turning to other fields in Romania, Toader said:

“Turkish investors have an interest in the Brasov Airport project. They also have an interest in the cement, chemical and copper industries. In January 2016, a union of Turkish entrepreneurs visited the city of Mangalia, a city with a coast to the Black Sea, and discussions about projects with the local government took place. Especially in the field of tourism, various investments that Turkish investors can make in this region were mentioned. From an economic perspective when a relationship comes to a longstanding between Romania and Turkey. Most of the first investors who came to Romania after 1990 after the end of the communist regime were Turkish investors. Romania at the beginning of the 90s when the state must isolate both the economic and political sense was one of our most important trade partner Turkey. Romanians never forget this and they definitely appreciate it. ”

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